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The benefits of multigenerational and dual living homes
Innovative housing solutions, like multigenerational living and dual living, are increasing in demand and proving to be beneficial during tough economic times.
Don’t break the bank with your kitchen revamp
While kitchen renovations add a great deal of value to your property, the cost can quickly get out of hand. Follow these tips to help you stick to the budget.
Home upgrades that increase value
Tim Akinnusi of Nedbank talks about which home improvements increase your home's value the most.
Home improvements to add value
Thinking of putting in a pool or building a new room on your property? The ooba experts advise that as with any other financial outlay, a renovation needs planning and forethought to add value.
Selling? Learn the difference between property value and marketability
The property market can be a competitive arena, which is why you should ensure your property’s marketability and home value stands out from the crowd.
Why a granny flat can be a great investment
Home owners who invest in expanding their homes to include a second dwelling such as a granny-flat or cottage stand to gain significantly - if planned cost-effectively.
Home offices in high demand
Technological advancements have made the home office more viable in recent years and demand for these spaces is high.
Sectional title alterations
Alterations made without proper approvals to sectional title units can make it difficult, for all homeowners in the complex, to sell.
Unusual homes around the world
People, it seems, are willing to convert and live in just about any structure these days. Here we take a look at a few of the more zany places some like to call home.
New Year's resolutions for your home
See Simon Bray on the Expresso Show, talking about New Year's resolutions and property.