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About two decades ago when Kempton Park was little more than a hamlet near Jan Smuts International Airport, two of its sons who had just qualified as attorneys sat down and dreamed of one day having their own legal firm. The problem for them was not so much in birthing a law chamber but rather about the service they were to offer the public.

Remember, those were the days before the advent of our democracy. Then it was still in a community like Kempton Park considered abominable for people to even associate across the colour divide. Those two young attorneys decided that in order to let justice celebrate over injustice, to give quality service to all who crossed their path, the only possible route to take would be one of maintaining professionalism of the highest order and service excellence.
This, they argued, would of necessity bring them many an enemy but at the same time they hoped that those people that held dear the tenets of integrity, justice and fair play, would guide them to a sojourn of success. The firm given birth to after those young men’s cerebral gymnastics, today has become a respected name in legal circles with offices in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Boksburg and Kempton Park. On the drawing board are plans to substantially grow the company even further.

Backed up by a large professional staff and chaired today by Jan Joubert, one of those young men who originally brainstormed the idea of such a firm, Joubert Scholtz now is a respected name in the courts of justice, in legal forums and wherever matters of law are discussed.

Right at the beginning it was decided that the world was aiming at specialization, not only to render clients a specialized service, but moreover to assist clients to find the quickest and most cost-effective way to solve legal posers. Let us explain: If a client lands with an attorney not schooled in a specific legal discipline, then obviously time is wasted as he has to consult others for assistance. That means extra costs. It is important for Joubert Scholtz to decide right at the beginning, how and where the client should be directed to for the most effective consultation and counseling.

This policy has brought us an enviable record in the courts, financial field, litigation matters, criminal cases and a host of other areas. Today we can humbly say that our attitude of service excellence and respecting the dignity of people, have opened doors which have led us to be listed on the panels of most banks and financial houses.

Here we may mention, that we do upwards of 200 transfers a month, that we have direct lines into the conveyancing offices in Pretoria and that our directors can sign substantial guarantees on behalf of the banks and houses of finance.

Turning just for a moment to conveyancing. We believe that the above facts will justify our assertion that we have become a leading light in this field. Along with the numbers of banks and institutions we deal with monthly, obviously came intimate and expert knowledge of our craft.

Looking at the corporate field: We have in our employ a variety of experts, capable of professionally tackling immediate issues such as the creation of trusts, high court litigation, giving advice on mergers, financial matters, liquidations, administrations, tax, antenuptual contracts and the repossession of properties.

We can go on. The list is long. Joubert Scholtz believes in a good mix of youth and age. Obviously unless talented young people are groomed and nurtured in the values we hold dear, we cannot expect the future to have as its pillars of society, people balanced in these virtues. Our firm is blessed, therefore, to have in its employ a wonderful mixed bag of young and old, of black and white.

In Joubert Scholtz there is a diversity of languages and culture. We believe this a necessary ingredient of the bouillabaisse that represents the wholesome firm, Joubert Scholtz. For anybody to understand another’s agonies and problems it is important, even in law, to determine from whence he or she hails.

In the spirit of Edmund Burk’s dogma, we still hold as a credo these famous words: “It is not, what the lawyer tells me I may do; but what humanity, reason and justice, tells me what I ought to do.”

Along with this goes John Abruthnot’s maxim that “law is a bottomless pit” in short, what we are trying to tell you is that we are there for you the consumer, morning, noon and night, irrespective of colour, creed, race, belief or standing in society. If you need help, rest assured we will answer the call.

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