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Our objective is to combine years of experience in law with the most current legal thinking, in order to provide each of our clients with innovative, practical and cost-effective legal solutions. To ensure that the personnel we employ – whether legal, clerical or administrative – are committed to providing excellent service; To remain at the forefront of legal developments in order to provide our clients with the best possible and most innovative advice; To remain abreast with opportunities and threats that will affect our business and act proactively to ensure that despite on-going changes in the structure of laws that govern our land, we will always be well positioned to provide appropriate legal advice; To develop professional and clerical staff in order to stimulate innovative, efficient and positive administration of all legal matters we are handed; To reinforce our commitment to transformation by recruiting talented individuals with historically disadvantaged backgrounds and mentoring them to ensure their full potential is realised.


We are legal specialists who are highly experienced in all aspects of dispute resolution and efficiently deal with Magistrates and High Court Civil and Criminal matters, Divorce and Family Law proceedings, Mediation, Arbitration and Correspondent work.


Tatham Wilkes enjoys considerable expertise in commercial law. Our sound understanding of the corporate world equips us to advise and service businesses of any size on the legal requirements regarding the establishment, acquisition, management, development, expansion or sale of companies, close corporations, partnerships, trusts and other business entities.


Our Conveyancing Department will handle the transfer of your property, whether commercial, industrial or residential. Along with this, we manage the registration of bonds, subdivisions, consolidations, notarial leases, servitudes, as well as the opening and registration of sectional title developments. With well over a century of experience and having registered in excess of one million deeds, we ensure that your property transaction is handled quickly and efficiently.


Give your company the best chance of success by efficiently managing the bad debts that are an unfortunate fact of running a business. Our collections’ lawyers and clerical staff understand the importance of fast, efficient and innovative debt collection and have the track record to prove it.


South African labour law is a dynamic field, with amendments and new legislation regularly being promulgated. Consult our specialised labour lawyers to guide you through labour matters, including: The appointment of new staff and application of relevant legislation. Unfair labour practices in the workplace and consequent disputes. Disciplinary hearings and procedures. Dismissals for misconduct, incapacity and operational requirements. Retrenchment and negotiations regarding severance benefits. Mediation, arbitration and labour court proceedings.


This area of specialisation is essential to avoid conflict and limit liability for tax in the event of a family death. We will advise you on Registration of Trusts, Estate Planning, Drafting of Wills, Buy and Sell Agreements, Administration of Estates as well as the Administration of Trusts.


Our Agency Conveyancing Department lodges deeds in the Pietermaritzburg Deeds Office from correspondents all over the country.


As a socially responsible firm, we are able to assist on a pro bono basis certain deserving individuals and organisations. The firm also contributes a percentage of our annual salary bill to the Pietermaritzburg Community Chest, from where it is dispensed to worthy charity organisations in the area. We meet our corporate social responsibility obligations in terms of the BBBEE Act.

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