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Unit 9, Melcksloot Village, Cnr of De Beers Road and Reese Road, Somerset West.


About CCH, Properties, Western Cape and South Africa

  • Members of The Institute of Estate Agents (IEASA)

  • The widest internet exposure your property can possibly receive – not one estate agency will offer you similar exposure on about 50% of Google’s first page for Keywords such as “Strand property for sale” / “Somerset West property for sale” / “Durbanville property for sale” / “Stellenbosch property for sale” / “Paarl property for sale” / “Gordons Bay property for sale” / “Bellville property for sale” etc. Ask our agent to show you the proof in the Google pudding!

  • Our member agents are all qualified & independent agents who contract with you as the seller without any hidden agendas:

  • do not close mandate for any period to outside agents, but rather open its marketing immediately to all agents in the area;

  • work on an even 50/50 commission split with outside agents & not on a 60/40 or 70/30 split some agencies are enforcing without your knowledge and to the detriment of your property’s marketing plan – as it will effectively cut out quite a large percentage of buyers outside agents are working with;

  • 70% of all property transactions are generated amongst all the estate agents operating in your area – not only ensuring but rather stimulating a regulated but free flow of all the potential buyers to your property is essential. Any exclusionary “policies” are to your detriment

  • Our agents are not dependent agents – i.e. dependent on a descriptive agency owner or office rules which limit either the way they market your property or how negotiable they will be when it comes down to “closing the deal”. Our members have total control over the marketing of your property and therefore over your sales transaction

  • CCH agents are earning probably the highest net commission rates (up to 90% of the commission) - i.e. the share of the commission they earn after the CCH office receives its share. They are therefore not afraid of or as reluctant as dependent agents (who mostly earns only 50%) to “share” commission with outside agents or agencies - i.e. to extend your property’s marketing effort to all other estate agencies.