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The quaint West Coast villages of Velddrif & Laaiplek are situated at the mouth of the Berg River some 160 kms from Cape Town. You will be quite at home in the natural surroundings where the serenity of nature overwhelms you. The wildflowers and amazing bird life is sure to astound you in the beautiful, tranquil setting of these West Coast towns. These towns are renowned for the best Bokkoms on the West Coast.

Velddrif came into existence when a farmer took his cattle through a drift in the veld in order to find grazing across the river. In 1899 a pont was built being the primary means of crossing the river. The wheat harvest from the Sandveld was brought down the Berg River to a store near the river mouth. The wheat was then loaded onto smaller boats which in return transported the wheat to larger ships waiting further out. It was in 1968 when engineers blasted a channel, linking the river with St Helena Bay that the harbour was completed.

The nature lover is truly at home in Velddrif as the natural landscaping feeds their passion to experience nature at a deeper level. The seafood lover has a choice of where they would like to dine, but no matter which restaurant they choose, they will be satisfied when they leave and anxious to come back. The small fishing community is now becoming more popular than ever as its absoluteuntouched beauty is being revealed to those outside of its boundaries. All visitors including, locals and those from abroad are pleasantly surprised as they experience Velddrif over and over again.