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About Rawson Property Group, Rawson Northcliff

WITH US YOU ARE FAMILY! ....... The Rawson Property Group, affectionately known as 'The Rawson Family', was founded in 1982 by William 'Bill' Rawson. We are a nationwide 'family' of property professionals that share and are connected by the same values and culture.

We are also a full-service estate agency group, providing the following services throughout South Africa:

  • Rawson Properties- selling and letting residential property

  • Rawson Rentals - rentals and administration

  • Rawson Auctions - auctions and immovable property

  • Rawson Commercial - commercial and industrial sales and letting

  • Rawson Agriculture- selling farms and smallholdings

  • Rawson Developers & Homebuilders- building and selling residential developments

With the support of an inspired and enthusiastic team, Rawson Properties has entrenched itself as a market leader in property sales and letting, and in 2004 was nominated as a Superbrand by the Independent Superbrand Council of South Africa. What makes The Rawson Family different is that we endeavour to make you feel a part of it - whether it be over a cup of tea or over the phone, or as we set about to find the perfect buyer for your property.


__Our business is to help people buy and sell property. In doing this, we put our heart into their homes: we deal in homes, not houses. This is a people-oriented business and we appreciate that our clients are dealing in dreams. They are investing in lifestyles: we are sensitively aware of this and realise that buying a home is one of the most important transactions in any person's life. We recognise that our success is dependent on how well we meet our responsibilities to our two groups of clients, namely buyers and sellers.

We strive to provide a professional and friendly service to all our clients. We are committed to honesty and integrity in all our negotiations, endeavouring to ensure that the seller gets a fair price for his home, and that the buyer makes a wise investment.

Our goal is to ensure steady growth, based on dynamic and progressive management and an exuberant team who are excited and enthusiastic about property and people. We feel a deep personal responsibility to our staff. We seek to create and maintain an environment where everyone is given the opportunity to develop to his or her maximum potential. We expect to reward them commensurately with their contribution to the success of the company. We believe in the free enterprise system and feel an incumbent responsibility to ensure that our business operates at a reasonable profit. Profit provides opportunity for growth and job security and is of benefit to the country as a whole.__