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Q & A with Mandy Radmore

Why did you choose Pam Golding Properties?

I feel Pam Golding is synonymous with integrity and professionalism and I aspire to those qualities. I have a strong work ethic and I really spend a lot of time trying to find ideal properties for my clients.

What makes Umdloti special?

I’ve lived in Umdloti for five years: it’s very unique in that it's like a little coastal town but you have all the amenities close at hand in Umhlanga. It’s a really close community with fantastic weather most of the year.

What is the property like in Umdloti?

Many of the homes have changed their façades in the past few years – they used to be old beach cottages and fisherman's cottages but they’ve been bought and transformed into more modern, elaborate homes. And then you've got your state of the art apartments as well. It’s just so interesting to go into different homes and see the different décor and styles. And then ultimately match the client with the home of their dreams.