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East London

Taking it easy in East London

East London, Oos-Londen, eMonti. It is a one-of-a-kind, beautiful, diverse city that lies between the Nahoon and Buffalo Rivers, that lead up to the warm Indian Ocean. East London’s economy is built on its industrial centre, which is the second largest in the Eastern Cape, and is recognised for its motor industry. It is also known as the business hub of the Transkei area, with many daily commuters coming in and out for work. Over the weekend you can put your feet up and relax, as just around the corner from the hustle and bustle lies the magnificent East Coast. With camping, game drives and a wide selection of holiday resorts along the beaches, there are endless adventures waiting to be discovered.

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Nahoon River in East London
Singwa East London
What I like about this town is that everyone knows everyone here, it’s a very friendly place and it feels much more like a community more than a city.
A street by the ocean in East London
Boats in the harbour in East London

The city is arguably one of the most beautiful in the Eastern Cape, with its laid-back style of living in a lush, tropical setting. Locals enjoy the scenery with plenty of accessible, popular outdoor activities including golfing, triathlon sports, surfing, and kayaking. The residents are particularly active, as East London’s multiple beaches and rivers flow generously through the neighbourhoods, and are easily accessible - just a 5 minute drive from central suburbia. The humid sub-tropical climate of East London is idyllic, with temperatures never reaching below freezing. Warm summers and very pleasant winters allow for activity all year round.

Hood Point Lighthouse in East London
Kids play outdoor play area in East London
Kids train in East London
Bruce East London
For me personally, there is nothing better to wake up in the morning and go for a surf, or take the dogs for a walk, while enjoying the scenery and the beautiful beaches.
The beach in East London
Running on the beach in East London
Friesland Milk Bar in East London

Over the weekend you can find people flocking to markets and farm stalls for their early morning coffee while the kids can enjoy themselves with various activities these places have to offer. Pine Creek and Lavender Blue are definitely East London’s favourites and they take you to another world, so much so, you actually forget that you are in a city, as you are surrounded by trees and the peaceful sounds of nature.

Outdoor market in East London
Wildlife in a reserve in East London
Fishing in a lake in East London
Nicole East London
It is an up and coming city with more and more breakfast, lunch and dinner nooks popping up everywhere. I am a huge foodie, so this is right up my alley!
Lavender Blue in East London
The Windmill Road House in East London
Eating out in East London

Locals enjoy spending time at East London’s favourite shops at Hemingway’s mall. The mall is full of entertainment for the whole family to enjoy and there are plenty of shops to choose from. Other activities that are great for families is an afternoon at the putt putt course, or a trip to the lion park, where a variety of animals can be seen while enjoying coffee at their restaurant.

Hemmingways Mall in East London
Eating out in East London
Llama's being fed in East London
Nicolene East London
We really like the fact that it takes 5 – 10 minutes to get to work because East London is small, quiet and convenient. Nothing at all like big metropolitan areas. People from this town are really friendly and easy going.

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