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Cathy Nolan

Letting someone know that they’re won something is a great feeling – so when I called Deanne Hamilton of RE/MAX Panache to tell her she’d won R10 000 in the agent competition linked to our Win A Home show, it was hard to tell who was more excited! “Oh my word,” she squeaked out, “I’ve never won anything in my life!”

When she and her principal Grant Gavin came round to our offices earlier this week for “da BEEG cheque handover” she said (rather more coherently) that winning was an unbelievable surprise and involved only the entry of one of her top properties into the competition.

Deanne is no stranger to winning, though, having been a regular winner of the RE/MAX regional, and recently national, award for Top Agent.

She says that most of this winning has been allocated to friends and family but she is keeping a bit to spoil herself.

Well done Deanne – we can’t think of a lovelier winner!

(Deanne’s name was pulled in a random draw; all the agents whose properties were featured during our Win A Home and Expresso TV campaigns were included in the draw.)

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