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Grant Gavin, owner of RE/MAX Panache, gives advice on how to choose the right property type for you, in an estate.

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Presenter: It's good to have you back with us on Win A Home on Afternoon Express Run, SABC3. So you get a chance, potentially, to win yourself a dream home on an incredible estate in Johannesburg. And so we really need to become experts in estate living. Now over the course of the series, we'll explore various aspects related to buying and living on those estates.

Today we're joined by Grant Gavin to discuss the different types of property available on estates in South Africa, and how to choose the right type of property for you. Grant, welcome to our loft. Grant Gavin: Thank you, Danilo. Good to be here.

You're a wealth of wisdom. We met at the last series of Win A Home and when we came to shoot with some of the homes that you were looking at. So property clearly is something that is booming and everybody should invest or am I mistaken?

Grant Gavin: No. Property is always your one step to creating wealth. Your first step to creating wealth let me say. And we say it's a good long term investments. And property is something that we should all aspire to earn, for the benefit of wealth creation.

Presenter: Okay. And then estates, obviously, is a way to do that. Everyone's been pushing estates quite a lot at the moment because I think it's a hot topic. I mean, is investing in estates, also, a great one?

Grant Gavin: 100%. You always want to invest A, in a good location. B, you want to buy the good pros. But the thing most importantly you always want to buy where it's going to be good demand to sell at some point. And with estates and the way South African buyers look for security when they look to buy a property as one of their main priorities. Everybody wants to get onto estates. It's growing trend and I believe that South Africa has the largest number of estates than most countries in the world.

I think there aren't officially that we've got the largest number of estates in the world. Which is such a fascinating a fact to consider and I think it's because of security, I did imagine.

And security's coming at a premium. So if you look at the process that you're paying for properties on estates versus of the estates, you're getting way more for your money of the estate in terms of size of accommodation and land size. But you're definitely paying a premium getting on to these estates because people want security. And that's driving process up.

Presenter: Okay. Explain to me about estates because one thing that I've noticed by traveling to all different estates around the countries, they all are slightly different. Some of them are very lifestyle community driven, some of them are huge, some of them are golf estates, some of them are residential. What kind of different estates do you get on it like what are their categories, or-?

Grant Gavin: Well, I think it all comes down to lifestyle and it depends on what you as the buyer are looking to buy into in terms of lifestyle. So for example, if you're a golfer, or you're a keen equestrian fan, you're going to buy into a golf or equestrian estate. If you love nature, you're going to go into a wildlife or an eco estate. And a lot of these eco estates are being built now with particular designs for ensuring that architecture is matching things in the environments for long term. So there's all sorts of environments that you can fit into in terms of the type of lifestyle that you're looking for.

Presenter: So you must go window shopping. I think that's an important thing to go visit the websites, go see the properties, go visit, go get a sense of who you are as an individual and how you'd like your living spaces to represent that.

Grant Gavin: Yeah. I think most people know that. I think most people know exactly what they're looking for when it comes to estates. Obviously, that's going to be within your proximity of where you work. You don't want to be commuting too far away from the estates to your place of work. So it kind of comes down to what's in your area as well.

Presenter: Yeah. All right, let's talk a bit about the properties within estates. As something that fascinates me quite a lot, I mean we've all seen these beautiful shots of estates and you think of these mansions out there with long driveways and fountains and waterfalls as you get up to those houses. And I'm thinking, "I can't afford a house like that."

Grant Gavin: Yeah. Well, I think that's what the marketing will tell you. Showing you these beautiful homes on these massive plots, but there is a home for everybody within an estate. Obviously, depending on budget, you're going to have an entry-level home. It's a pretty good-- that's going to come in a sectional titled complex. Perhaps, it's a two-bed apartment. But you're going to have something that would match your budget from a particular pro points. Obviously, if you're wanting to live in that sectional topple top environments, you're going to be living more in cluster top homes with lots of people around you. Or you can move onto your own piece of land, get your own stand, build your own home, and have a free-hold property, and you're going to have a little bit more space, but that's going to come at a higher price.

Presenter: I'm sure. All right, so the sectional titles, etc., I mean are they affordable for the regular home buyer? Because I mean you're also getting the security that's added value that you're getting for one of those pieces of property. So the nice thing about those is that they're great to buy and hold on to and then sold because it's again, be such a big demand.

Grant Gavin: Remember if you're comparing apples with apples and you're looking at the size accommodation that you're going to get off an estate versus on an estate, you're always going to be paying more. So it's going to come down to your pocket and what you can afford. So when we talk about, "Is it affordable for everybody to buy on an estate?" Probably not. That's first answer I'll give. But in terms of if you're looking, for example, for a three million Rand home off the estate, you're going to get a much bigger home in terms of accommodation. You are paying a premium when you go on to an estate, but you're getting the lifestyle and you're getting the security and the piece of mind that comes with it.

And there's going to be a huge demand for those homes as the, obviously, the country grows, as the population grows. So the value of those properties are going to increase drastically.

And I keep ramming home on those points and I'm sorry to do it but security is the number one priority for a home buyer at the moment.

Presenter: Totally.

Grant Gavin: In South Africa.

Presenter: Grant, thank you so much. I want to pick your brain again next week. Now, remember that this season of Win A Home you stand a chance of winning a beautiful home on the Eye of Africa Estate.

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