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Our marketing department is full to the brim with character – and characters. While the team contains a diverse array of talents, skills and personalities, one thing appears to unite them: a rather obsessive love for all things canine!


Jeremy (SEO guy)

  • Awaiting the new and life-changing: my wife and I are parents-to-be of a Christmas baby boy!

  • Appreciating the little things: I look forward to Saturday morning swims with our pups, Hugo and Truffles.

  • One of my great passions is music: which led me to learning four different instruments.

  • Weird but true: choosing between going to the gym or movies ... I’d choose gym any day.

Dane (data magician)

  • I love people – growing up as a quadruplet I always had great company.

  • I enjoy an active lifestyle and competed in the Junior World Powerlifting Championships in 2008, where I took fourth place (the Russians are as strong as people say they are!).

  • My favourite television programme is Bloomberg. I love the game-changing innovations and economic insight presented.

  • A highlight of my day is the smile I receive from my miniature Doberman Pinscher, Whiskey, every evening when I arrive home.

Tahir (content curator)

  • I’m addicted to coffee and am not capable of coherent speech until I’ve had my first cuppa Java.

  • I enjoy spending time outdoors and travelling.

  • I can still recite the opening monologue from the “A-team” TV series verbatim.

  • I’ll read pretty much anything – even the wife’s trashy romance novels, if nothing else is available!

Louise (social media wonderchild)

  • I love all things tech – and consider myself a bit of a geek.

  • I once spooned with a cheetah.

  • I have a bit of a Nutella problem. I can’t say no to the chocolatey goodness at all … but hey, admitting it is the first step …

  • I can’t ride a bicycle (unless it’s a stationary one) and I can’t swim (unless floating counts).

Leezl (designer chick)

  • I adore all things pretty and girly.

  • My heart melts for fluffy animals – the slobbery, licky, waggy-tail kind. My bulldog Daisy is my most treasured “thing”.

  • I like loud music. The louder the better. But, as my colleagues know, I’ll sing along to just about anything.

  • Outdoor fitness keeps me sane. Give me a 15km beach run in the rain and I’m a happy girl!

Kameshnee (also a designer chick)

  • I’m a Gemini – energetic, clever, witty and imaginative (according to the interwebs). On the downside, the same site says I can be superficial and devious. Whatever.

  • I have a mad obsession with detail – if it’s off-centre I just can’t let it go!

  • My favourite quote is “Always think infinite possibilities” (Deepak Chopra).

  • My pet peeve is when people chew with their mouths open. Don’t even get me started on this.

Ashleigh (creator of spectacular events)

  • I have five “almost god-children” under the age of two; I love them all to pieces but I also love giving them back after baby-sitting.

  • I’ve been a bridesmaid eight times. That’s eight pretty dresses in my cupboard that can’t ever be worn again – this makes me sad.

  • I have a bit of a thing for scarves …

  • I’m a vibrant morning person, which seems to annoy my team mates quite a lot on most days. I don’t know why.

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