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Mark Coetzee

An estate agent’s knowledge of their local area is usually one of the main factors taken into account when a client decides which agency to use when buying or selling property.

Prospective clients will be on the lookout for agents who can accurately price a property, have knowledge of local amenities and schools and know what new building work or infrastructure will be completed locally in the future. An estate agent with sound expertise in the local market will be able to provide this information and stand out from the competition.

If you’ve invested the time and energy into making yourself an expert in your local area, Private Property has the perfect product to position yourself as an Area Specialist.

A Billboard on Private Property allows you to announce yourself as a specialist in your area, get more mandates and attract top talent to your agency.

How does a billboard banner work?

  • It appears as the header banner on any page for the month of the subscription

  • A billboard banner features an agency’s branding and a short slogan

  • The slogan can be changed every month

  • When a browser clicks on a billboard banner, he will be redirected to the agents’ page on www.privateproperty.co.za

  • The agents’ page shows all properties and agents

  • A billboard banner features at the top of the first page of searched suburbs and is not repeated on subsequent pages

  • Billboard banners can be purchased for single suburbs (eg, Umhlanga Rocks) but not for higher-level areas (eg, Umhlanga, which contains multiple single suburbs)

  • Higher-level areas (eg, Umhlanga) do not feature billboard banners – instead, such pages feature an area specialist section on the right-hand side of the page, which shows all the billboards in that area

  • If one agent owns billboard banners for every single suburb that makes up a higher-level area, then that agent’s billboard will appear instead of the area specialist feature

  • There is no limit on the number of billboard banner subscriptions that an agency may purchase

  • Suburbs are priced according to activity – high-volume browser areas are priced at a premium

Contact your account manager today to find out more about this fantastic product.


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