Private Property survey results

Private Property survey results

Private Property South Africa
Tahir Desai

An onsite survey that was run by Private Property has revealed some interesting insights on why browsers visit our site and the local property market.


53% that currently rent are looking to buy a property. These are first time buyers.

43% that are currently renting are looking into rentals again.

The majority of those looking to purchase a property are looking for houses, followed by townhouses and flats.

types of properties for purchase

62% of current rental browsers are looking to buy property between R500,000 and R1,5 million with the bulk of those between R500,000 and R999,999.

renters price intervals


There was good news for estate agents with 88% of homeowners indicating that they would use the services of an estate agent to sell their home.

estate agents

Of homeowners that visit the site, 59% are looking to buy a property.

15% of home owners are online to compare their property to others on the market. These are future sellers.


The majority of browsers who classify themselves as investors are looking for relatively low cost properties with 48% looking for apartments/flats between R500,000 and R900,000.

types of picture - investor

High approval rating for Private Property

A whopping 95% of those surveyed would recommend PP to friend, family or colleague.


Private Property deployed an on-site survey from 19 February 2015 to 20 February 2015 with a response rate of 1629 respondents in total. The survey sample is used to make inferences about the population which, in this case, is all the Private Property website browsers.


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