Safety tips for agents during show houses

Safety tips for agents during show houses

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Making sales is important for real estate agents. The feeling you get when a potential client rings your phone line can sometimes overshadow the logical part of your brain that urges you to be cautious and put your safety first. The truth is, although there are many interested potential buyers out there, there are also opportunistic people who will take any opportunity to inflict harm on others for their own gain. This is why it’s particularly important to take safety precautions as a real estate agent.

Here are a few safety tips to follow when hosting a show house:

1. Don’t take things at face value

Don’t assume that everyone who calls to view your show house intends to buy the home. Be sure to ask questions and verify the person’s identity prior to setting an appointment.

2. Always record attendee names, location, and time

Keep a detailed record of attendee names including their contact numbers, emails as well as the location, date and time of the show house.

3. Always share your location with others

When showing a house, make sure you share your live location with your colleagues and perhaps family members. Technology has made it easier for people to know your whereabouts without you having to constantly update them, so make sure you use this function.

4. Any valuable and personal items should be locked away

Tell the homeowner to put away any valuable items that could be stolen. Personal information such as letters or banking statements should also be locked away for security reasons.

5. Make sure the gate is closed

The entrance to the home should be closed. This is particularly important if the house that is being home staged is a free-standing property as estates and sectional titles tend to be more safe and secure than free-standing houses.

Visitors should buzz when they are at the gate, as would be the case if the home is in an estate or sectional title.

6. Make sure your car is well maintained and always has enough fuel

A general safety rule is that your car should always be serviced and have at least half a tank of fuel in it at all times.

This rule also applies when showing houses. This will reduce the chances of you breaking down in dodgy areas or at odd hours of the night. It also helps in the event that you have to get away from an unsafe situation quickly.

7. Carry self-defense tools and take self-defense classes

Carrying self-defense tools such as a taser and pepper spray can be helpful if you ever need to defend yourself. Taking self-defense classes can also be a great addition for protection. This is quite important if you are a woman.

8. Carry a panic button and download a safety app

You should purchase a panic button from a safety company and pay for a safety app subscription. Should an unsafe situation occur, you can press the panic button and also use your safety app to call emergency services.

9. Enlist a security guard if necessary

If you’re showing a free-standing house, you should consider hiring a security guard, especially if the home you’re showing is luxurious or happens to be in a wealthy area.

10. Take a colleague with you

If you feel uneasy about meeting a potential client, meet them with a colleague.

Using the above safety tips, you can ensure your safety when meeting with potential clients.

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