Tips for beginner real property practitioners

Tips for beginner real property practitioners

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Earning a real estate qualification is a relatively easy process, but that is only the first step towards becoming a successful property professional. Those who have recently joined the profession will need to nurture new and existing relationship and lean on the advice of other more experienced professionals in the industry to reach greater career success.

“When it comes to real estate, relationships are your bread and butter,” says Adrian Goslett, Regional Director and CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa. “As a beginner real estate agent, you need to learn how to maximise your relationships with a wide range of people in order to grow your future client network. After all, without buyers and sellers, there would be no transactions and, therefore, no commissions,” he notes.


A common way to build contacts and generate leads is through people you already know, including your family, friends, neighbours, classmates, and business associates. Goslett recommends regularly meeting and speaking with people, handing out business cards, sharing contact details, and filing away contact information to build out your network. “Most people buy, sell, or rent property at some point in their lives, so everyone you meet may be a client someday.”

Gaining guidance and support from others in the industry is especially important for those who are new to the game. “Start by building and maintaining your relationships with other top agents and brokers who can give you advice. If you are part of the RE/MAX network, take advantage of the fact that we are the largest real estate brand in the world with the broadest possible network to tap into. Be sure to plug into all RE/MAX social media pages, groups, and chats and attend all RE/MAX Events, both locally as well as internationally,” he recommends.

Doing so will not only strengthen the network of contacts you need to be an effective salesperson, but you’ll also have access to the hard-earned wisdom of others in the industry. “Listen to their tales of horror as well as their success stories and remember to ask follow-up questions too. If an experienced agent doesn’t have time to help you during work hours, offer to take them for a meal or drink after hours,” Goslett suggests.

Because relationships are so important in the real estate industry, Goslett adds that it is important to develop a personality as a real estate agent that will then become your personal brand in the market. “Remember that you’re in real estate—so be real. It’s important that this persona is consistent with who you are as a person. After all, enthusiasm is difficult to fake, so if something you say or do doesn’t ring true to you, people will definitely pick up on it. At the end of the day, your personality fosters relationships and that is what builds your reputation and generates leads,” he highlights.

As a final word of advice, Goslett explains that it is important not to get caught up in the whirlwind of everyday tasks without having any yardstick of how you are performing. Ultimately, Goslett suggests that no matter how hard you work, if you don’t measure your performance, you will have no way of to know whether all that work is yielding the correct results.

“There is no exact magic formula to success; but, provided you have a good work ethic and excellent interpersonal skills, chances are you’re going to be a successful real estate agent. And, if you’re backed by a Global Leader in real estate such as RE/MAX, then your chances of success become that much greater.


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