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Pulling out of a sale could have consequences
Selling a home is not child’s play and the seller needs to be absolutely certain that he wants to sell before he puts the property on the market.
Estate agency commission stats
The industry standard and statistics about what estate agent commission is.
How to choose an estate agent
When buying or selling property, there is no doubt that you will need professional assistance to conclude a successful deal.
I've changed my mind
What happens when a seller no longer wants to sell his property, after a sales agreement has been signed?
Giving permission for commission
When sellers sign a mandate for an estate agent to list their home they aren't simply agreeing to allow an agent to sell the property: they are signing a legally-binding document that will, among other things, record the amount ...
The different types of rental mandates
When renting out a property, the landlord should have signed a mandate with his agent if he has employed one, which sets out the terms of the service contract between them but there are many ...
Understanding real estate sales commission
How real estate commissions work, and how the property market affects it.
Tips on selecting the right agent
It goes without saying that if a homeowner decides to sell their property; they want to sell it for best possible price, within the shortest period of time.
Sole mandates: effective cause
It is illegal to market a property without being officially authorised by the property owner to do so. The term “mandate” is the term used to describe the right or instruction to market a ...
The cost of selling a property
As the seller of a property, you will have to pay the following: The commission that you agreed to pay to the estate agent – this should be agreed to in advance and is sometimes a fixed fee and sometimes a percentage of the ...