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We all like to keep up-to-date with the latest décor trends but doing so can sometimes be overwhelming and costly! It can also date your home and make it difficult for potential buyers to see its charm when it comes time for you to sell.

There are however ways to ensure that your home never goes out of style. Here is our décor recipe for achieving a classic style that will stand the test of time.

1. Design to a focal point
Establishing a strong focal point in any room is key to creating a timeless look. Focal points give the eye something visual to rest on, and from there, a point of departure for the rest of your design elements to work around. Focal points can occur naturally in a room such as with fireplaces, mantlepieces or a large window. They can also be achieved through the use of statement art or a feature wall. Once you have identified the focal point in the room, be sure to arrange your furniture and décor accessories around it to achieve this naturally timeless style.

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2. Make use of symmetry
Making use of symmetry is another classic design tool that you can use in any room of the house. Symmetry creates a harmonious and balanced perspective for the eye to take in and can be achieved using the furniture and accessories at your disposal. Simply accessorise around the focal point of the room in pairs to create a mirror image or a sense of balance on either side. For example, if the focal point in your room is a statement couch, be sure to place matching chairs or even similarly shaped vases and lamps on either side of it.

3. Stick to timeless patterns
While it can be tempting to splash out on a trending pattern like chevron or animal print, this will, at some stage, date your home’s design style. Rather, stick to classic patterns such as stripes, botanicals or even damasks and be sure to balance these if you use more than one pattern in a room. For example, if your feature wall makes use of stripes, be sure to introduce another pattern in small measures throughout the rest of the room, such as with the use of scatter cushions or throws.

4. Disguise your electronics
Nothing dates a room faster than outdated electronics or technology (think of how your TV or sound system has changed since you first moved in!). While it’s sometimes not easy to stash all your electronics out of sight, be sure not to put them front and centre if you can help it. Rather, try and incorporate them into design pieces such as a wall unit or a bespoke TV cabinet. The trick is to make the furniture the focal point and not your electronics so try and keep them camouflaged and concealed as much as possible.

5. Invest in quality items
In order to ensure that your design style endures, it’s important, to invest in good quality furniture and décor accessories. Good quality items should last you many years and will help promote a strong sense of design character and style that a quick turnaround of cheap products won’t.

6. Opt for timeless fixtures
When choosing your indoor and outdoor fixtures, it is essential to consider what will or won’t remain in style as design trends come and go. It’s recommended that you look at using fixtures that have long-lasting quality to them in terms of both design and quality, especially when it comes to statement pieces such as your front door or lighting.

7. Go with a neutral colour palette
There are very few design elements that create a more timeless feel than a classic, neutral colour scheme. While it might be tempting to go with a bold, on-trend colour, it’s worthwhile considering how long something like “neon metallic rose” will remain in style for before it becomes out-dated and out of season. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to shy away from colour, but stick to neutral colours such as beiges, greys or shades of white as the backdrop and bring in pops of trendy colour accents using accessories such as lamp shades, pillows or even rugs and artwork.

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8. Make use of art
Classic and elegant art pieces can be one of the most timeless design accessories you can bring to a space. Bear in mind you don’t always have to spend a fortune on art in order to make a strong design statement. Even changing how an art piece is framed can inject a breath of fresh air into a room. An added bonus is art is much easier to replace if outdated than repainting a wall or taking down wallpaper if you need to freshen things up down the line. Enter Alt Tag Here Read more: Investing in art for your home

9. Bring in an area rug
While wall-to-wall carpeting and wooden floors can err on the side of outdated depending on how they’ve been done, making use of an area rug or two can definitely bring back a classic feel to any room. Area rugs can serve as a design anchor within your space and bring in timeless quality depending on the pattern, colour and texture you opt for. Oriental rugs are always a win in this regard as they are able to maintain their decorative relevancy despite the changes in trends and seasons.

10. Go for the white kitchen
We all know that kitchens and bathrooms more often than not contribute to whether a home gets sold or not. Furthermore, renovating a kitchen is one of the most expensive processes anyone can make in their home, so choosing a style that won’t date is all the more imperative. It is well known that homes with a white kitchen often have a higher resale value as they provide an easier base from which to work from despite the owner’s personal style.

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Regardless of your style preferences, it is possible to bring a timeless quality to the way in which you choose to decorate your home. Pay attention to the décor essentials and be sure to go for a more classic approach where possible to achieve a style that will not only be easier and cheaper to maintain, but won’t put off any potential buyers in the years to come.

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