5 ways to craft perfect vintage-inspired rooms

5 ways to craft perfect vintage-inspired rooms

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For a style or design to be considered vintage, it has to be at least 20 years old. Vintage style and design are associated with nostalgia. Introduce nostalgia into your home with pieces and inspiration from your favourite era. This article has five top tips for crafting vintage-inspired rooms.

Rods and curtains for living rooms

For a fun, retro vibe, rods and curtains are some of the pieces that can inspire nostalgia in your home. You can craft the perfect vintage-inspired living room with curtains and drapes from different eras. Wrap the pictures in your living room with the curtains and add the rods to accentuate them. The different drape and rod combinations you can choose include rods with an antique finish and lightly patterned curtains. You can also combine wooden rods with curtains that have Chintz patterns. The darkly finished rod and block print style curtain combination is another option for crafting the perfect vintage-inspired living room, especially if you're going for the retro vibe.

Colonial period bedroom furniture

If you want to bring the colonial period bedroom into your modern home, you will need specific furniture pieces such as the bedside table from that era. The bedside table is both a functional piece, where you can keep books on your current reading list or store remotes and a perfect inspiration of nostalgia. Features of this bedside furniture include etched tulips and subtle embossed colours. Even though the colours are subtle, they are still obvious on dark wood. Other features of the colonial-era bedside furniture include leg etches and brass knobs for the drawers. The design of these bedside furniture pieces is called the pedestal design.

Gallery wall for living rooms

A gallery wall in your living room will definitely bring all the nostalgia you desire. This is one of the highlights of vintage-inspired homes and living rooms. When you design a gallery wall, you craft a space that features your best vintage-themed pieces. These pieces range from art to frames. Some of the vintage art pieces you can add to your gallery wall include old-school paintings, white and black photographs, and even retro word art. These are just of the numerous options you have. For old-school-inspired frames, you have options like frames with waxed borders, those with distressed finishes, and frames with carved designs. Your gallery wall is also space for pieces such as antique statement wall clocks.

Statement pieces for kitchens

Remodelling your kitchen should be part of crafting your vintage-inspired home. Your remodelling and redecoration can start with the introduction of statement kitchenware pieces from the different eras or just your preferred era. You could remodel your kitchen as a DIY project acquiring pieces over time and recycling materials that give your desired vintage vibe. An interesting option for you would be unassembled cabinets that can bring a new look to your home.

They are easy to assemble and you can get the kitchen of your dreams without much trouble. You can also work with a kitchen remodelling contractor to introduce specific vintage-inspired decor into your home. Experts of kitchen remodelling can help you with remodelling if you are in the Sacramento area. Discuss your desired décor with expert contractors, and they will birth your desired kitchen. If you decide to do a DIY project, remember to recycle and take your time to curate kitchenware and pieces. If you get professional help, be sure that the contractor has the required skills and experience.

Rocking chair for rooms

A rocking chair is a perfect vintage furniture piece for different rooms and spaces, including studies, living rooms, bedrooms, and even verandas. Any room that has a rocking chair gets an automatic vintage vibe. Rocking chairs bring nostalgia and are quite functional furniture pieces. A rocking chair is a piece of furniture for both play and serious activity. You can relax on a rocking chair or read a book while enjoying the nostalgic vibe. A room with a rocking chair could use other vintage pieces such as antique wall clocks, dark wood center tables, and vintage-style cushions. Rocking chairs can be described as classic vintage furniture such as general dark wood furniture pieces.

Final Words

Crafting the perfect vintage-inspired home involves adding nostalgic elements to your different rooms, from bedrooms to living rooms. You could also do extensive remodelling for your kitchen and other parts of your house. For extensive remodelling and decor, especially for kitchens, you may need professional contractors.

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