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A subsidy for first-time home buyers – FLISP
The Finance Linked Individual Subsidy Programme (FLISP) is designed to assist people afford their first property purchase. How does this happen?
A suburb by choice needs careful consideration
South African suburbs have continued to record property growth. What can this be attributed to and how can one choose the best suburb?
The POPI Act and privacy in community housing schemes
Learn more about how the POPI Act is applied in community housing schemes.
To Buy or to Sell First, which is the Best Option?
Property buying and selling market conditions are constantly changing. What is the best option right now?
Here's how many pets you may have without breaking the law
There are rules as to how many pets you can own at a given time. This is done to protect the welfare of animals and to prevent animal abuse.
Are you insured against summer ?
Summer seasons come with weather conditoons which can be damaging to property. How does insurance assist in this regard?
Speed up your property sale - ensure it’s compliant before listing
How to make sure your property sells quickly through compliance.
Karoo and Cape game farms now hot property
Game farms are valuable investments.What is available around the Karoo and the Cape?
Plant a tree – and boost your home’s value
Trees are an important aspect of a healthy home environment. How do they help in bossting a home's value?
Letting agents: Why you need one and how to find a good one
Letting agents play a crucial role in the property industry. How do you find a good one?