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Winter is as good a time as any to sell or rent your property
Winter is a good season to conduct property business. These are the reasons why.
What the PPA means for Community Housing Schemes
The property industry is still coming to terms with the Property Practitioners Act (PPA). How does it relate to Community Housing Schemes?
Tax relief benefits of working from home
Working from home provides some tax relief opportunities. How is this possible?
Can property practitioners buy their own listing?
Property practitioners are bound by law and ethics when it comes to buying their own listing. How should this be handled?
Make room for more property income
Here are some tips and advice for people interested in buying property to rent out to earn an income or extra income.
Repo rate comment May 2022
As widely expected, the repo rate has increased by 50 basis points to 4.75%, increasing the prime lending rate to 8.25%.
Being a property practitioner is no walk in the park
Many people have very little knowledge and understanding of what it takes to be a property practitioner. Here is a journalist’s account of her first-hand experience being a practitioner.
Beware, fake news, fake agents and fake properties on the rise
Dubious adverts, unscrupulous agents and fake properties are very common. How can you protect yourself?
4 benefits of using a real estate agent
Real estate agents play an important role in property acquisition and rental processes. This is why you must use one.
Property markets which have experienced a post-hard lockdown boom
The property market in South Africa has recorded a post-hard lockdown boom. Which markets are doing well?