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Price right, sell fast and cut your holding costs
Selling your property in the shortest possible time will save you costs. What are the implications of delaying?
Cape Town’s exotic lifestyle draws interest from remote workers from around the world
The Mother City is embracing an exciting new trend in international and domestic travel, driving demand for modern, lifestyle property developments.
Pandemic has created the perfect time to invest
Covid-19 pandemic has led to increased opportunities in the property market. Which ones are worth considering?
Retirement agents cater for a niche market
Dealing with buyers who are considering homes for retirement requires different skills to those needed for selling to younger buyers.
Marketing your home in the digital era
Now more than ever before, sellers will need to ensure that their listing stands out online if they want to secure a timeous sale.
Housing scheme rules must also follow the Constitution
Housing developments and schemes are guided by the law. How best can these laws and rules be followed?
Is Commercial Property Still A Good Investment?
Property investment is a profitable step worth taking. Which areas of investment are good?
A year later: The post ’new-normal’ office and the lessons for corporates
The 'new normal' has impacted how corporates operate. What has changed?
The benefits of switching banks
Switching banks comes with a wide array of benefits.Why should you consider joining a bank such as Absa?
Interns – how to become an estate agent
This can be a lucrative career, but newcomers to the industry need to serve a twelve months internship before qualifying.