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Repo rate comment May 2022
As widely expected, the repo rate has increased by 50 basis points to 4.75%, increasing the prime lending rate to 8.25%.
Beware, fake news, fake agents and fake properties on the rise
Dubious adverts, unscrupulous agents and fake properties are very common. How can you protect yourself?
4 benefits of using a real estate agent
Real estate agents play an important role in property acquisition and rental processes. This is why you must use one.
Property markets which have experienced a post-hard lockdown boom
The property market in South Africa has recorded a post-hard lockdown boom. Which markets are doing well?
The wellness home trend
What is wellness home all about, and what are the major contributing factors to this trend?
Can you pull out of a house sale?
Property transactions involve both parties signing relevant contracts. When can one pull out of a house sale?
Rode Report shows positive signs for the SA property industry
Encouraging indications in the Rode Report include better market rentals compared to the fourth quarter of 2021 and only slightly higher vacancies.
Value-for-money sees influx of home buyers in East London
Home buyers have become largely dominant in the East London property market. What other developments are being recorded?
Good value-for-money suburbs in Gauteng
Gauteng offers viable property investment opportunities in a number of suburbs.
Property Valuations: All you need to know
Property valuation is a critical step in the property purchasing process. How should this be done?