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Time to claim? Here's how to claim
So you dinged the car or your cell phone fell in the bath. Time to put your 1st for Women policy to work and submit a claim.
Security tips for new homeowners
Do you want to feel safe in your new home? These are the security measures you need to put in place.
Youth employment in the property industry
South Africa has a significant youth population. What efforts are being made to accommodate them in the property industry?
Energy-saving strategies: How to go green with your new home
Eco-friendly homes have gained momentum over a period of time. How can you go green with your new home?
Myth or fact: Women pay lower premiums than men
For as long as cars have existed, jokes have been made about women drivers. But like many maxims, they’re not backed up by facts.
Midrand now one of the highest growth areas for young buyers
Midrand is part of the bigger Gauteng property market. What time of prospects is Midrand offering now?
Gqeberha’s housing market on the up and up
Gqeberha’s housing market has continue to defy the odds to keep rising as a vibrant market. What’s happening in this market?
Ensuring your property is an asset & not an expense
Investing in property is supposed to provide good returns. How can you ensure a property is an asset and not a liability?
Check how far your rent stretches - before you sign a lease
A lease agreement is an important document which assists in outlining important aspects of a rental relationship. What really matters?
How to organise, plan and prepare for a household move
Moving homes can be a tiring and often stressful moment for many people. How should you prepare for a move?