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Happiness lives close to your office
Why the road to happiness is found close to your office, your children’s schools, and all the important destinations you need to visit every day.
How to choose an investment property
Buying a property to rent out is different to buying a home to live in. Here's how to go about choosing the best one for you.
Could You Live In A Smaller Home?
Living small is right on trend, but is it really suitable for your lifestyle?
Holiday homes are flourishing
Looking for a holiday home to invest in? Now is a great time to buy, and here's what to look for.
How school holidays affect the property market
The school mid-year break is upon, but what does this mean for the property market?
Don't let your home go to auction
When financial problems hit, if you are unable to afford your bond repayment, follow these tips so that your home doesn't end up in a public auction.
When should you sell your property?
There are good and bad reasons to sell your home. Take a look at these, to make sure you're selling for the right reasons.
Common landlord headaches and how to deal with them
Owning a rental property can provide a much-needed source of additional income however, they can also be a source of many a headache if not managed properly and efficiently.
Find Your Next Home Online - The Right Way
The Internet has made finding your next home much easier. But, are you doing it the right way? We can help.
Top tips for achieving instant show-day shine
How to get your home ready for a show day.