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Everything you need to know about renting and owning property with pets
Getting a pet means knowing how to navigate various rules and regulations that may be set ut by your landlord or body corporate.
What foreigners need to know when buying property in South Africa
Non-residents need to comply with certain regulations when investing in property in South Africa.
Financially distressed home owners have options
If you are financially distressed, there are a number of avenues you can take to alleviate the constrain.
17 Top secrets for selling a home fast
Sellers need to pull out all the stops to make their properties stand out from the competition and ensure it doesn’t languish on the market interminably.
Tips for the first-time property investor
With current market conditions being so favourable to buyers, some South Africans might find themselves in the fortunate position to be able to purchase their first investment property.
The problem with fixing your interest rate
Don’t fix your rate – reduce your bond balance
What landlords can do when tenants break their lease early
Is it possible for tenants to get out of a lease agreement without being in breach of the contract?
How to cancel your lease and downgrade without hidden costs
Many tenants will now be looking to downgrade to more affordable premises and will need to cancel their leases.
What to do with your interest rate savings
Create savings or start a small business? Here’s what to do with your interest rate savings.
Tips on financially protecting your home in a recession
Make sure you are financially prepared to protect your home in a recession.