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Keeping home and business separate when your business is run from home
Are you a home-based entrepreneur? These guidelines should help you create a work-life balance when running your business from home.
Small business property ownership: the benefits of owning property over renting office space
There are many benefits to owning office space rather than renting, but there are pros and cons to both options.
The criminal mind: defence against our vulnerabilities
How we can prevent and deal with potential invasions at home.
What are the legalities of running a business from home?
Everything you need to know about what the law says about owning a home-based business.
An Offer to Purchase guide for buyers and sellers
Everything you need to know about signing an offer to purchase.
Global property investments during COVID-19
The diversification of a private property portfolio into global markets is not new. Neither is the concept of Citizenship by Investment (CBI). During Covid-19 these concepts take on a bit of a shine.
Bathroom trends for 2020/2021
Upgrade your bathroom by considering the following stylish decor and renovation tips.
Tech home improvements
Make your life easier with the following technological tools.
Subletting - Everything you should know
Subletting is a way for tenants to make extra income and avoiding breaking their lease. Here's everything you need to know about this type of leasing agreement.
What you need to know about renting to own property
Renting to buy is a property model that allows people to buy property after their lease expires.