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Tips for buying and renovating older homes
Is buying an older home to renovate it, the way to go?
Applying for a bond when you're self employed
Those who are self employed can struggle with getting a bond. Here's how to sail through the extra hoops.
You've paid off your home loan, what now?
Paying off your final bond instalment is a long-awaited victory, but what happens next?
Your guide to relocating
How to minimise the stress of choosing a new home in a different city or town.
How to cut household costs
When times are tough, there are a few tips and tricks to cut down on your household's expenses.
Converting your extra space
Instead of downscaling, why not consider converting your extra space into a granny flat and making money from it?
Why your home isn't selling
When your property has been on the market for a long time, there are various factors that contribute to why it may not be selling.
Tips for single women buying their first home
As women become the drivers of the property market, here are a few useful tips for single women who are entering the property market for the first time.
Top tips for residential tenants
Advice for tenants renting residential property to take of, before signing a lease agreement.
Buying and renting - who pays for what
When buying a property or renting a property, there is much confusion about whether the buyer or seller, and landlord or tenant are responsible for certain costs.