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Home buyers should make the most of stable repo rate
The MPC opts to maintain the repo rate at 6,75% and this is good news for those buying a home.
Property investment for retirement savings
How to use property as a means to ensure a comfortable retirement.
5 reasons why downsizing is on trend
The trend in South Africa of downsizing to smaller homes is due to these factors.
Tips on financing your next home
How repeat buyers can finance their next home, when selling their current home.
Property in South Africa a sound investment
Foreigners want their slice of Africa and South Africa is a popular option. Here's why you should get your slice too.
Are you ready to go from renting to buying?
Before you stop renting your home to buy one of your own, consider these pointers.
Investing on South African soil
It’s the smart financial choice: invest in property.
What happens after you sign an Offer to Purchase?
You’ve found the house of your dreams, the one where you can picture your family growing old in and you’ve signed the offer to purchase which was accepted by the seller. Now what?
Top 5 things for landlords to budget for
What to set aside for surprise expenses that may occur for landlords.
Why a home loan doesn't have to tie you down
Having a home loan does not necessarily mean that you must live in it year-round. Here's how you can have a bond and travel too.