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Repo rate comment May 2022
As widely expected, the repo rate has increased by 50 basis points to 4.75%, increasing the prime lending rate to 8.25%.
Access bonds the best way to finance upgrades and renovations
When you buy a new home, keep in mind possible future extensions. How can you best finance this?
Don’t be deterred by rate increases
Interest rates have just gone up but this should not deter home buyers from entering the market.
Property market braced for steeper interest rate climb
The business market in South Africa is currently coming to terms with the increase in interest rate. What has been the reaction?
Perks for first-time homebuyers
Buying a property can often feel dauting for first-time homebuyers. How can this be made easier and what are the available opportunities?
Property Investment Seminar Durban 2022
The city of Durban is hosting an exciting property seminar. What’s this event all about and who must attend?
Switching your home loan and accessing equity with a switch
Switching your home loan provides numerous benefits. How should this be done?
Make sure you get the home loan you deserve
Here are the five steps to having your home loan application approved.
Understanding value bands in the property market
What are value bands in the real estate market and how do they impact property pricing?
New mortgages decline as interest rate increases hit
The value of new mortgage loans granted declined in the final quarter of 2021, as the market feels the effects of a lack of new interest rate stimulus.