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Can't pay your rent or home loan?
Some tips to use when you're struggling to pay your rent or your home loan.
Saving for a deposit still makes good sense
Although banks are granting mortgage loans against smaller deposits, it still makes sense to save up as much as possible before buying.
Costs to consider before upgrading
The three most important costs that buyers ought to consider before upgrading to a larger home.
Repo rate remains unchanged
Disappointing decision from the MPC for South Africans.
What you need to know about life rights
For a stress free retirement, buying a property with life rights may be the best options. Find out what it entails.
Find your first home for under R900 000
A home for under R900 000? It’s possible! And here are 10 suburbs in Johannesburg where your first home could be situated.
Freshen up up your finances this Spring
If you’re planning to buy a new home, spring is a great time to freshen up your finances.
Budget before you buy
How to make sure that you avoid getting into further debt when purchasing a new home.
How to pay off your home loan faster
How to make the most of the reduction in prime lending rates and pay off your home loan quicker than you thought.
Sectional title levies versus freehold cost of ownership
When buying into a sectional title development, monthly levies and potential special levies are often deterring factors that could put off potential investors.