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Flat repo rate welcomed amidst slow economy and property market
The decision by the Reserve Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) to retain the repo rate at the current level of 6,50% (base home loan rate of 10%) is welcome.
SA's economy needs an injection of confidence
Amid ongoing socio-political concerns and consumers’ disposable income under pressure, what South Africa needs now is an injection of confidence that will stimulate the economy and drive investment.
How to protect and grow your home equity
In these uncertain times, homeowners are advised to build up the equity in their properties or at least take steps to equity from "leaking".
Is buying property always a good investment?
The current buyer’s market is great for property shoppers, but does this mean that everyone who has a steady job and income should rush out and invest in bricks and mortar? Consider these factors.
8 steps to becoming a property millionaire
Investing in property can be a profitable venture if done correctly. Follow these tips and you will soon be well on your way to building a property empire.
What you need to know about insuring your home
It is vitally important that you insure your most valuable asset correctly. Here is an easy to understand guide on insurance for homeowners.
Taking the Life Right option for your retirement home
Find out what life rights in retirement homes are, and how it compares with other options for retirees.
Lending to home buyers is still on the rise
The average size of bond granted in SA has grown 7,7% in the past 12 months to R934 000, according to BetterBond, the country’s biggest bond originator.
Why good tenants are worth their weight in gold
If you have a great tenant in place it might be advisable to forgo that annual rental increase or at least keep it to a minimum. Here’s why.
How long does a home loan approval process take?
Property buyers often feel anxious when awaiting the outcome of their home loan application. These are the factors that influence how long the application process will take place.