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Are short-term rentals still a safe space?
The pros and cons of short-term rentals during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Budgeting for a single-income household
Tips for budgeting when you receive just one income.
Should you rent or buy when you retire?
What your housing options are when you retire.
How home renovations can affect your insurance
Everything you need to know about your home insurance before conducting home renovations.
Pro tips on how to flip a house for maximum profit
Flipping a property for profit may seem simple, but if you take a false step you’re likely to lose your shirt.
Are you insured against summer ?
Summer seasons come with weather conditoons which can be damaging to property. How does insurance assist in this regard?
Do I pay taxes on inherited home sale?
Taxes affect various aspects of life including property ownership. How does tax affect inherited homes?
Advice worth its weight in gold
Banks are key players in securing individual wealth and investments. How is Absa helping in this regard?
Understanding occupational rent in case of a delayed transfer
What is occupational rent and how does it affect the property transfer process?
Unlocking relief within your bond
Your bond may hold the answer to easing cash flow in these uncertain times but think carefully before you make that decision.