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Latest rental stats good for landlords
Longer-term rental trends are coming to light, let's take a look at how these impact both landlords and tenants.
Converting your extra space
Instead of downscaling, why not consider converting your extra space into a granny flat and making money from it?
#GenerationRent, a new App, rewards rental tenants and landlords
Positioned to cater specifically to the Millennial demographic, this service is a brand new take on rental services.
Tips for single women buying their first home
As women become the drivers of the property market, here are a few useful tips for single women who are entering the property market for the first time.
Buying and renting - who pays for what
When buying a property or renting a property, there is much confusion about whether the buyer or seller, and landlord or tenant are responsible for certain costs.
How to be a great tenant
Landlords and real estate agents don’t want to lose great tenants. But what is a good tenant exactly?
3 ways to spot a bad tenant
How to reduce your chances of wasting time, energy and money on a tenant that will default on payments.
How to increase your ROI on an investment property
How to successfully maximise your returns on an investment property through renovation.
Attracting – and retaining – desirable tenants
Buy-to-let property can be the route to wealth creation. But you need the right tenants at the right rental to make it work.
6 common tenant questions
Tenants are often in the dark with regard to their rights and responsibilities when renting a property.