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What the PPA means for Community Housing Schemes
The property industry is still coming to terms with the Property Practitioners Act (PPA). How does it relate to Community Housing Schemes?
How to enjoy quality family time
You need to manage your activities in order to spend more time with your family. How can this balance be achieved?
Make room for more support on your property journey
Advice for first-time buyers and sellers - from searching for a property to listing online and applying for a home loan.
Be the nosy tenant – before you sign the lease
There are a number of things a prospective tenant must pay attention to before signing a lease agreement. Which things are these?
Make room for more property income
Here are some tips and advice for people interested in buying property to rent out to earn an income or extra income.
Benefits of owning a home remain constant amid rate fluctuations
Interest rate increases and fluctuations have not stopped excellent property investment opportunities. Here is how you can navigate through the fluctuations.
Investor interest in SA’s commercial property sector shows signs of growth
After a two-year decline during the Covid-19 pandemic, interest in commercial property is once again picking up.
Gauteng property market hits record highs as buyers find good value
Gauteng is a very attractive property market. How much business activity has been recorded?
Avoid buyer’s remorse
You can avoid buyer’s remorse by making sure the home you choose is right for you before signing an offer to purchase.
The wellness home trend
What is wellness home all about, and what are the major contributing factors to this trend?