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Pitfalls of renting through non-registered agents
Why you should avoid renting through non-registered agents.
Benefits of using a rental agency
For landlords, the pros of using a rental agency usually outweigh the cons.
Summary of Rental legalities pre, during and post covid-19
Rental legalities pre,during and post covid-19 are a major concern to many consumers. What do they need to know?
Are short-term rentals still a safe space?
The pros and cons of short-term rentals during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The 70% Rule of House Flipping
House Flipping is an exercise that property owners may want to consider. What is involved and how does the 70% rule apply?
Are you insured against summer ?
Summer seasons come with weather conditoons which can be damaging to property. How does insurance assist in this regard?
Pro tips on how to flip a house for maximum profit
Flipping a property for profit may seem simple, but if you take a false step you’re likely to lose your shirt.
Property inheritance must-knows and considerations
Inheriting property comes with various obligations and responsibilities. Which ones are worth knowing?
What expenses are covered by the rental deposit?
How a landlord is meant to handle a rental deposit, according to the Rental Housing Act.
Karoo and Cape game farms now hot property
Game farms are valuable investments.What is available around the Karoo and the Cape?