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What happens to your property during divorce?
Properties are often part of divorce matters. What happens to property during this process?
How to Maintain a Thatched Roof the Right Way
Thatched roofs are an effective alternative in modern property construction. What is involved in maintaining a thatched roof?
Ideas to Make Cement Floors More Appealing
Cement floors can be made more appealing by applying simple measures. How can this be done?
REBOSA takes EAAB to court
REBOSA’s application will request a court order forcing the EAAB to issue all outstanding FFCs due to agents who have otherwise met all their professional obligations.
Key things you need to consider before renting a property
Renting property is a financial and legal matter which requires careful attention. What should be considered in this regard?
Landlords, mitigate your risks in this economy, says Seeff
How landlords can reduce their chances of losses in the current economy.
Property investment tips for beginners
Making property investment decisions can be difficult for beginners. How can this be made easier?
How to make the switch into real estate
What it takes to start a career in real estate
Affordability, good conduct vital to lease renewals this year
While some tenants may find it tricky to renew their leases, those who acted with integrity are likely to find landlords willing to renew their lease and possibly even on better terms.
Know your rights as a landlord of a residential rental property
How landlords can navigate lease agreements and comply with the law.