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Answering the most common rental questions
Rental property disagreements can be minimised by understanding simple guidelines around rental agreements.
Be the nosy tenant – before you sign the lease
There are a number of things a prospective tenant must pay attention to before signing a lease agreement. Which things are these?
When is eviction legal? All you need to know about dealing with problem tenants
Evictions can be carried out by property owners under certain circumstances. How can this be done legally?
Absa’s Future Rental Income for your property investment portfolio
Absa has continued to be an innovative leader in providing unique products. What is Absa’s Future Rental Income all about?
From first home to family home
Selling property and moving is expensive, so make sure the home you choose will suit you for at least the next five years.
3 rules for visitor data privacy and protection
Data breaches have recently hit the digital space. How can you achieve visitor data privacy and protection?
Family-friendly suburb checklist
When looking for a family home, you need to consider more than just whether there are good schools in the suburb.
How to select the correct tenant
The rental market has different types of prospective tenants. How can you select the right one?
Spruce up your home with new floor tiles
Here are some tips for selecting the most suitable floor tile materials, colours, sizes and finishes.
Five tips for keeping your house in order
Routine mantainance for private residential homes and comprehensive insurance cover must be prioritised.