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Tips for long distance property searches
Searching for a new home can be a nerve-wracking process at the best of times, especially if you plan on renting or buying a house that you haven’t yet set foot in.
Furnished or Unfurnished? What works best for your rental property.
Deciding on how to furnish your rental property should be a priority decision for you as a landlord. But, does it renting it out furnished or unfurnished work better for your ideal tenant?
How to tell if your future rental is well maintained
Warning signs to pay attention to, when you first set foot through the door of a potential rental.
Three Ways To Collect Rental Arrears
Here are three ways you can act on non-paying tenants and collect rental arrears.
Finding a new rental property
If you are looking for a home to rent you need to prepare just as well as if you are buying a property, and many of the items on both checklists are the same.
Your guide to relocating
How to minimise the stress of choosing a new home in a different city or town.
Top tips for residential tenants
Advice for tenants renting residential property to take of, before signing a lease agreement.
Buying and renting - who pays for what
When buying a property or renting a property, there is much confusion about whether the buyer or seller, and landlord or tenant are responsible for certain costs.
How to be a great tenant
Landlords and real estate agents don’t want to lose great tenants. But what is a good tenant exactly?
Good tenants get the best rental homes
Build a desirable tenant profile to be top of the list of applicants for new rentals.