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The benefits and limitations of renting
Renting a property comes with its own benefits and limitations. Which ones are worth noting?
Greater protection of client funds in property rentals
The importance of a trusted payment service provider in protecting client monies.
Tips for tenants on recovering after the Covid-19 lockdown
Helping tenants get back on their feet now that the national lockdown has eased to Alert Level 2.
Top property trend: Remote workers are heading out of town
More remote workers are moving away from urban living to quiet, smaller towns.
A detailed guide to renting out your property
Renting out your property can be done in a manner which protects you and your your property. How can this be done?
Tenants cannot withhold their rent
Tenants often resort to withholding their monthly rental payments as a way to deal with property grievances.
What happens to a tenant when a landlord sells
Lease agreements are legally binding. In the event that a landlord sells their property, it's important to know what the legal implications are.
How to apply for a home loan when self-employed
Self-employed bond applicants face a trickier process when applying for a home loan. Here's how to successfully navigate the bond application process when self-employed.
Covid-19 tempts SA buyers away from dense city living
DECENTRALISATION: Almost overnight, one of the key trends for the 21st century has been turned on its head.
Rental arrears worsen with further decline expected
The current economic climate has lead to an increase in rental arrears, leading to property market growth being affected negatively.