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How to improve your credit score to buy a house
Credit scores are seriously considered when it comes to obtaining credit from established lenders.
Property investment tips for beginners
Making property investment decisions can be difficult for beginners. How can this be made easier?
Relocating Elderly Parents As They Become More Dependent
How to make sure your elderly parents are well taken care of during their golden years.
Tips for moving on a budget
How to make moving affordable.
Smart ways to store your items when relocating
Tips on how to store your items in a space-efficient way when moving.
Affordability, good conduct vital to lease renewals this year
While some tenants may find it tricky to renew their leases, those who acted with integrity are likely to find landlords willing to renew their lease and possibly even on better terms.
Know your rights as a landlord of a residential rental property
How landlords can navigate lease agreements and comply with the law.
Communication is key for success in real estate
Honing your communication skills is essential if you want to succeed as an estate agent.
Subletting - Everything you should know
Subletting is a way for tenants to make extra income and avoiding breaking their lease. Here's everything you need to know about this type of leasing agreement.
What you need to know about renting to own property
Renting to buy is a property model that allows people to buy property after their lease expires.