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Applying for a bond when you're self employed
Those who are self employed can struggle with getting a bond. Here's how to sail through the extra hoops.
Your guide to relocating
How to minimise the stress of choosing a new home in a different city or town.
Buyers, now is your time to get into the market
The interest rate cut has made housing loans cheaper; the banks are competing aggressively for home loan business and there is every reason for buyers to get into the property market.
Tips for single women buying their first home
As women become the drivers of the property market, here are a few useful tips for single women who are entering the property market for the first time.
Buying and renting - who pays for what
When buying a property or renting a property, there is much confusion about whether the buyer or seller, and landlord or tenant are responsible for certain costs.
5 things to look out for when buying a repossessed property
You could pick up a repossessed property at a bargain price. But, there may be hidden risks to doing so.
Why it pays to save up for a deposit
Saving up for a decent sized deposit on a home may be the better option to choose. Here's why..
Sectional title living is an ever-increasing trend
Convenience is a key factor when choosing which home to buy or rent. Sectional title living provides this important feature.
Good tenants get the best rental homes
Build a desirable tenant profile to be top of the list of applicants for new rentals.
How to spot a fake buyer
Advice for sellers and agents on how to avoid being scammed.