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Rent-to-own properties: How does it work in South Africa?
Tenants in South Africa can easily transition from renting to owning property. How does rent to own help in this regard?
Property investment tips for beginners
Making property investment decisions can be difficult for beginners. How can this be made easier?
Know Your Online Auctions
Top tips on how to navigate online auctions
2021 (Property) resolutions your future self will thank you for
Property resolutions you should adopt in 2021 to make your property journey as seamless as possible.
The secrets of budgeting success for community housing schemes
How community housing schemes can budget successfully in 2021 and beyond.
How to purchase your first home in 2021
How first-time homebuyers can make the process of acquiring their first property seamless in 2021.
Questions to ask a real estate agent when viewing a property
What to ask a real estate agent when viewing a property.
Mistakes to avoid when selling your home
Keep these common pitfalls of home selling in mind so that you don't make the same mistakes.
Building a property investment portfolio – Part 2
Everything you need to know about building a property investment portfolio - Part 2.
Advantages of living in a smaller home
Why moving to a smaller home can be beneficial