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Building vs buying
Here’s a brief overview of the advantages and disadvantages which need to be considered when deciding whether to build or buy a house.
Is VAT or transfer duty payable on a property?
When buying a property, the usual process is that transfer duty is payable by the buyer on the property, but if the property is registered in the name of a company it will be subject to VAT instead.
How the "right of extension" clause can affect property values
Sectional Title home buyers need to look out for a “right of extension” clause in their sale agreement, because it could make a big difference to their property’s value in the future.
Could the Japanese art of Kakeibo help you buy a house?
Kakeibo, a Japanese method of saving money, claims to help people save up to a third of their monthly income. If used properly, it could be a great tool for those looking to buy a home.
5 fabulous Cape Town luxury villas to rent this summer
Check out these luxurious properties on the exclusive Atlantic Seaboard that are available for the discerning holidaymaker.
8 things to check before renting an apartment
Jumping head first into a new lease without first carrying out an in-depth walkthrough could leave you regretting your decision.
How to improve your chances of qualifying for a home loan
First time home buyers can significantly improve their chances of qualifying by familiarising themselves with the common pitfalls that lead to home loan applications being unsuccessful.
Should you buy or rent a home?
Factors that influence the decision to buy or rent include an individual's finances and personal circumstances.
Tips on how to buy a property on auction.
Buying a property on auction is slightly different to a regular property purchase, particularly if that property is a distressed sale. Here are a few tips if you're planning to buy a home on auction.
home loans: is it better to have a 20 or 30 year loan term?
Should you choose a 20 or 30 year term on your home loan? Lephoi Mokgatle, Executive Head of Nedbank Home Loans Digital shares the pros and cons to consider for each.