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Atlantic Seaboard's sectional title market keeping pace
Estate agents are becoming more positive about a future turnaround in the SA residential property market, particularly the Atlantic Seaboard.
Saving for a deposit still makes good sense
Although banks are granting mortgage loans against smaller deposits, it still makes sense to save up as much as possible before buying.
9 things to know about the Property Practitioner’s Act
Here are nine things you need to know about this important piece of legislation, as a property practitioner.
What to ask before buying a home
Must do’s and essential questions to ask before buying property.
Can your HOA prevent your home sale?
If you are buying property in an estate or cluster complex run by an HOA, you might not be able to resell your property without the approval of the HOA.
Common first time buyer mistakes
Don't make these mistakes when buying your first home.
4 things to do when you sell your Gauteng home
Sell your Gauteng home with these tips from our team.
Tips for selling your property when you are not around
How to sell your home when you are living elsewhere.
10 reasons to use a managing agent
Some of the most important services provided by a managing agent.
Sectional title vs freehold property
The pros and cons of sectional title living versus buying a freehold home.