5 ways to spruce up a rented home

5 ways to spruce up a rented home

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There is a common misconception that renting a home means you can’t make the place feel like your own. The truth is, you can make changes to a home that can make it more comfortable and make it feel like your sanctuary. Here are some tips on how to spruce up a rental:

1. Add a fresh coat of paint

A quick way to spruce up a rental is to give the interior a fresh coat of paint. Because this is a permanent change, it’s important to communicate this with the landlord prior to making this decision.

A fresh coat of paint will breathe new life into your home and make it a vibrant place to live in. Consider what colour you’d like to repaint your home or maybe opt for painting different rooms in different colours depending on their uses. For example, you may choose to paint your living room cream white so that it matches any decor you may buy and you may choose to paint your room light blue due to its calming psychological effects.

2. Colour coordinate your decor

Make your rented house feel like home by colour coordinating your decor. Having a red rug, blue couch and green table may not be the best idea, especially if it's executed poorly.

Make sure you use the colour theory to match your decor. A well-coordinated home interior shows. You can tell and feel when intention has been put into decor. Choose decor items that are pleasing to the eye and make your home an aesthetically pleasing place to live in.

3. Add pops of colour

You might be a minimalist or maybe you’re on a tight budget, and can’t afford to go all out in an effort to liven up your rental home. No worries, just add some pops of colour to your home. Add a bright rug, or you can opt for a bright couch or any other furniture and decor item instead. Pops of colour make your living space look less dull and as science shows, certain colours have the ability to impact your mood positively. Yellow, green and blue are your best bet for adding pops of colour to your home.

4. Art makes everything better

Nothing adds life to a home like a beautiful work of art. The good thing is that you don’t necessarily have to buy it yourself, you can get creative and create your own unique pieces of art to hang on your walls.

Don’t worry about knocking nails into the walls, there are many other ways to hang up frames without damaging the walls (your landlord can breathe a sigh of relief!)

5. Change your lighting

Get rid of your boring fluorescent lights and opt for lights with a dimmer switch. Being able to control the intensity of your lighting makes a huge difference and can take your home from overexposed to having just the right amount of contrast.

Consider these 5 tips to take your rental home from drab to fab. They’re quick and cost effective to implement.


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