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Your entrance area may not be large but you can still create an impression with these tips to create a big welcome in a little space.

In many homes the entrance area isn’t nearly as spacious as we’d like it to be, and in reality the grand circular table with a vase of flowers, the huge chandelier and the swirling staircase just don’t get a look in. There are ways however to create an impact even in a small space. Have a think on these.


Mirrors as we all know add light and a sense of space. They are also great in an entrance area as they provide a place for a quick once over before we leave the home and as we enter. For a small space, think big when it comes to mirrors for maximum effect. An oversize mirror with an ornate frame (it can be anything from a traditional gold ripple to smooth pale modern wood) immediately creates a striking feature. Go even bigger with an entire wall covered in mirror – stand furniture against it for a stunning look – or create a focal point with a group of closely placed mirrors.


Contrasting colours and a “less-is-more” minimalist approach can work wonders in a tiny area. A bold black wall (or blackboard look) with only white furniture or accessories for example makes what needs to be there suddenly look remarkable. Stripes create dazzling effect too.

Storage space

People generally enter home with things – keys and bags for those who live there, flowers, wine or even a dish of food when it’s a guest. While it’s important to have a place to put these things in any home, it’s more of a challenge in a hallway with space constraints. Think hooks behind the door for caps, jackets and shopping bags, a wall-mounted shelf or cubby holes, a small chest of drawers for keys and perhaps a tiny console table (or dropdown table that can be flipped up only when you need it). Separate low down storage for children works well too, as does having a place to sit in your entry way - tuck baskets under a bench or chair perhaps for extra storage.

Paint and pattern

Use paint or pattern on the floor, wall or ceiling to create a small division that separates the space right next to your front door from the rest of your home and sets it apart visually. If nothing else consider painting the inside of your door (a glossy black or striking yellow for example) or hang a few pieces of art on it.

Gallery wall

If wall space is all you have, go big with a gallery wall. A cluster of tightly packed frames with paintings or family photos makes an unusual statement.


Ceiling to floor shelving is another good way to add interest to a tiny entrance hall. Space shelves generously apart and use as art shelves, storage space for boxes, shoes, bags all sorts, sculpture, vases and books. The layout of the shelves can add interest to an otherwise bland area.

Green matter

Place a large leafy plant next to your door to partially enclose your entrance space and set it apart from the rest of your home.

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