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Your house number determines whether your home is suited you, according to numerology principles. Here’s how to find out whether your home is a good fit for you.

The study of numerology shows that every home has a “personality” based on its numbers. Once you know your home’s “personality”, you can figure out if your home is a good match for you or not. This can also be particularly useful when buying a home.

How it works:

According to Australian psychic, numerologist and palm reader Sarah Yip, to work out the value of your house according to numerology, simply add the house numbers until you arrive at a single digit.

For example, if you live at 66 Syringa Drive, the formula would be 6+6=12, then 1+2=3. Your home’s numerological value would then be 3.

If you live in an apartment, use your apartment number – not the building number. The same calculation above will then apply to your apartment number.

If your apartment or house number contains a letter, take the numeric value of that letter and add that to the apartment or house number. So if you live in apartment 16B, your calculation would be 1+6+(B=2)=9

Here’s each letter’s numeric value:

1 = A, J, S

2 = B, K, T

3 = C, L, U

4 = D, M, V

5 = E, N, W

6 = F, O, X

7 = G, P, Y

8 = H, Q, Z

9  = I, R

Once you’ve worked out your home’s numerological value, you can find out which kind of personality it has.

What’s your home’s “personality”?

Number 1

Homes with this number promote independence and are perfect for people looking for a fresh start. The energy of this home promotes innovation, individuality, ambition, drive and leadership. This home is great for people to create and maintain their independence and personal freedom.

Challenges: People in homes such as this are often constantly busy, and struggle to keep up the pace. This kind of home doesn’t foster a nurturing, family-friendly environment very well. It also doesn’t suit a person who is prone to loneliness, as there is too much “me time” energy in these kinds of homes.

Number 2

This type of home fosters peace, quiet and intimacy. The energy in these homes leans towards family, love and partnership, by providing a loving and safe environment. These homes are generally harmonious and support people wanting to co-create a life together, whether it be a couple or a family.

Challenges: This may not be the best home for a dynamic individual wanting to start their life out on their own. If you’re shy or indecisive, the energy in this home could exacerbate those characteristics.

Number 3

Three is a lucky number, so this type of home promotes joy and optimism. The energy in this home also promotes good communication, self-expression and creativity. The “personality” of this home encourages people who want to start a family or engage in creative activities at home. This type of home is ideal for gatherings and raising children.

Challenges: This may not be the best type of home for discipline and rigidity. People wanting alone time may not be able to achieve that successfully in this home as it promotes communication.

Number 4

This variety of home is all about safety and security. The energy in this type of home promotes hard work, development and organisation. The “personality” of this house is good for people growing a business, a family or an investment. Hard-working endurance and practical activities are the name of the game in this kind of home.

Challenges: These homes can contribute to making a person more conservative and all about the “to do” list. Be careful not to get bogged down in an ”all work and no play” lifestyle.

Number 5

This is the kind of home that lends itself to adventure and fun. It’s all about fearlessness and progressive ideas. This type of home is particularly suited to people who enjoy being social, and want to live life to its fullest. This home promotes a constructive use of freedom and suits travellers, night-owls and forever-young type of people.

Challenges: These homes are better suited to extroverts. However, if you have very little structure and self-discipline, and are too focussed on fun and adventure, this home may not be the best option for you as its “personality” could exacerbate that.

Number 6

Homes with this numerology value are the perfect nesting homes. They encourage beauty and nurturing, and the energy promotes loving service, warmth and compassion. It’s the ideal type of home for raising children and running a business from home, particularly a service orientated one, such massage therapy or interior design.

Challenges: The energy is this home can leave certain people feeling tied down by responsibility. This kind of home can become a little resort where you feel too comfortable to leave, so make sure you don’t get too wrapped up in that, and still take part in the world around you.

Number 7

This type of home is excellent for nature-lovers and those who love having personal space. These houses are often set back from the road and have plenty of tree cover. The energy in this kind of home is about tranquility, soul searching and spirituality. It’s a great place for finding faith in yourself and learning more about your spiritual beliefs.

Challenges: If you don’t enjoy being alone, this home is probably not the best for you. The energy in this home can lead to people becoming a “hermit”, and a little too self focussed.

Number 8

These homes are a place of power and prestige, and it’s all about financial abundance. The energy in this home promotes financial gain, control and achievement. This home supports getting ahead in the world, particularly with regards to material goods. While being all about money, this home’s energy also promotes giving back and doing business with integrity.

Challenges: While taking risks in the financial world can lead to great gains, it can also lead to losses, therefore people in these homes need to be cautious of getting caught up in working and chasing material gains.

Number 9

These homes are a place of humanitarianism. The energy is all about charitable giving, selflessness and forgiveness. The “personality” of this house encourages people to make the world a better place. This kind of home welcomes everyone and is great for international residents or mixed families.

Challenges: This home doesn’t work well for those who are self-focussed and wanting to forge a place in the world for themselves. For those not wanting a lot of visitors, these homes are also not ideal as they attract visitors and guests.

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