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Pest Control - Some Green Alternatives
All of us have at some point had run ins (or crawl ins) with pests, but most pesticides and treatments are toxic. Why not try these green alternatives instead?
Common household chemicals that are a fire safety risk
There are several common chemical-laden products you’ll find in your home that carry the risk of fire if not properly handled or stored. Here are some to be aware of.
Getting your home ready for guest season
Tis the season to get the air mattress out, or is it? Here are five money-wise ways to ensure your holiday guests have the best time staying over.
Things to consider when looking for a family-friendly rental
Finding a great rental for your family can be tricky. We’ve identified 6 factors that you should consider when trying to find a new home for you and yours.
Get your home summer ready
With spring almost out the door, and summer just around the corner, it’s time to get your home ready for the warm months ahead. Check out these tips on how to best prepare for the new season.
4 ways to keep your home cool this summer
Summer is around the corner but don't despair, we've got some tips for keeping your home cool when the heat arrives.
Keep your pets safe during firework season
November traditionally heralds the start of ‘firework season’, a time of joyous celebration for some, but a stressful time for many pet owners.
3 things to consider when setting your moving date
Setting a moving date is difficult since it needs to suit both the buyer and seller. Here are the facts that buyers and sellers will need to consider when setting a moving date.
Kidfluence: How kids affect property buying decisions
Studies have shown that millennial parents are placing increased value on their children when it comes to making purchases
Tips for keeping pets in smaller homes
Not all of us can afford spacious properties with large gardens. But, that does not mean we cannot keep our pets comfortable in a smaller home.