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How to organise, plan and prepare for a household move
Moving homes can be a tiring and often stressful moment for many people. How should you prepare for a move?
Key things to know when contracting house sitters
Being away from home raises security concerns. Who will be looking after your home while you are on holiday?
How to decorate your living room
Here are some tips you should consider to make the room you spend the most time in stylish, functional and comfortable.
Buying furniture online or in-store
Buying furniture is an important decision which requires that you compare the advantages and disadvantages of both, then decide which suits you.
The Ultimate Guide to Moving While Pregnant
Moving homes while pregnant requires careful planning to safeguard health and financial interests. How should it be done?
Ceiling fans
Ceiling fans can help in a household in the absence of air-con. Here are some tips on how to choose and install the right model for your home.
The do’s and don’ts of home security
Home security should be prioritised by households by putting in place relevant systems and measures. Which ones should be considered?
Braai rooms maintenance guidelines
Braai rooms can be maintained and upgraded with ease by following simple guidelines. What works and what doesn't?
Ultimate guide to moving with Cats
Cats naturally become part of the family set up in many households. When it comes to moving, how can you make it a good experience for them?
Deep clean your fridge for optimum performance
Keeping your refrigerator in mint condition will prolong its useful life and save you money.