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Your guide to relocating
How to minimise the stress of choosing a new home in a different city or town.
#GenerationRent, a new App, rewards rental tenants and landlords
Positioned to cater specifically to the Millennial demographic, this service is a brand new take on rental services.
Fun household projects to do with your kids
As is the case with most working parents, finding family time as well as time for home DIY projects is incredibly tricky and often difficult to find, if at all.
How to find a family-friendly suburb
When looking for a home for your family, take note of these 3 important features of a kid-friendly suburb.
Your semigration checklist
Perhaps you don’t want to move countries. Sometimes, your next home is just in another region. Is your family contemplating semigration? Let’s find out if you’re ready.
5 Ways to make your rental apartment pet-friendly
How to make your rental property more attractive to animal lovers.
Etiquette tips for dog-owning apartment dwellers
They may be known as man’s best friend, but when it comes to living in an apartment block, it’s not a guarantee that everyone will love your dog as much as you do.
The eco-friendly way to keep your home cosy
With the winter chill in full swing, these eco-friendly tips will come in handy to save energy and stave off the cold.
Is it time to downsize?
Weighing up the pros and cons of downsizing your home.
Downscaling is an accelerating trend in 2019
Construction of flats and townhouses doubles as South Africans migrate to metros.