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Potential home fire hazards you may be unaware of
Fire hazards can sometimes be lurking in the least expected places, here are 6 potential fire starters to take note of.
Mind the gate
The driveway gate is the most common point of entry for armed robberies, here's how to make sure you driveway is as safe as possible.
Getting your home ready for winter
The chilly season is creeping in. Here’s how to make sure your home is ready to keep you and your family warm and cosy this winter.
Now is the time to move for schools
If you need to relocate so you can get your child into a particular school next year, now’s the time to do so.
Downsizing tips for empty nesters
3 common mistakes that empty-nesters make when moving into a smaller home.
10 tips for when the lights go out
Although the threat of load shedding seems to have faded for now, it’s always a good idea to stay prepared. Here are 10 ways you can stay load shedding-ready.
Stay safe in the dark
Tips for making sure your home is secure during load shedding.
Look out for these warning signs, before you buy
Don't miss these warning signs that could make you think twice before making an offer.
A moving out guide for tenants
Moving to a new house can be a stressful time, but what do tenants need to bear in mind as the big day approaches?
Choosing a quiet property
How to find a home that can be your peaceful sanctuary.