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Tech home improvements
Make your life easier with the following technological tools.
How to move with your pets
Top tips on making sure moving with your furry little friend is as comfortable for them as possible.
Tips and Tricks for Making Relocating Successful and Less Stressful
Relocating can be a stressful process especially if the right steps are not taken.
Here's how many pets you may have without breaking the law
There are rules as to how many pets you can own at a given time. This is done to protect the welfare of animals and to prevent animal abuse.
The Proud South African's Guide to living in South Africa's big cities
South African cities offer unique living experiences. What should one be aware of before venturing into the city life?
Top property trend: Remote workers are heading out of town
More remote workers are moving away from urban living to quiet, smaller towns.
How to host guests in a small apartment
If you’ve ever lived in a tiny apartment, but love playing host, you’ll know the challenges of accommodating overnight guests when space is limited.
Disruption in real estate myth dispelled by Covid-19 despite rise in PropTech
Although technology is an important facet of real estate, agents are still very integral to the success of the industry.
Protect your home from damage this winter
The steps you can take to make sure your home is protected from weather conditions in winter.
Covid-19 tempts SA buyers away from dense city living
DECENTRALISATION: Almost overnight, one of the key trends for the 21st century has been turned on its head.