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Happiness lives close to your office
Why the road to happiness is found close to your office, your children’s schools, and all the important destinations you need to visit every day.
How school holidays affect the property market
The school mid-year break is upon, but what does this mean for the property market?
Could You Live In A Smaller Home?
Living small is right on trend, but is it really suitable for your lifestyle?
A special Father's Day at home
With the cost of living rising, spending Father's Day at home can be a fun, affordable option for the family.
Tips for designing your first nursery
Preparing for the birth of a child can be both an exciting and daunting experience for any parent. There are so many things to consider and plan for, but few are as important as the nursery!
Fixing your home's winter woes
Brrrrr, that winter chill is in the air. Your home feels it too. Here’s how to fix your home’s winter woes.
Keeping your home flu free
How to keep your home germ-free this winter.
5 reasons why downsizing is on trend
The trend in South Africa of downsizing to smaller homes is due to these factors.
How to cut down on energy consumption
Everyone’s trying to cut down on their bills, but have you tried these tricks for reducing your home’s energy consumption?
From first home to family home
How to plan for the move from your first home into a home for your whole family.