Bright Beginnings Pre-School – A Home Away From Home

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Located off Old Farm Road in Faerie Glen, Pretoria, Bright Beginnings Pre-School offers a high quality, balanced education, giving children a childhood of smiles that will make an impression on them for the rest of their lives.

Bright Beginnings strives to make their children feel as comfortable as possible, in an environment that is like a second home. Central to this is making them feel safe. As such, the school itself is secure, and the dedicated teachers provide guidance and a pervading sense of safety that allows children the freedom to make the most of their pre-school years. It is in this setting that children can explore, discover and question; laying the foundation for their future schooling and their lives. The school programme combines this freedom with a structured school environment in which to impart their holistic approach to individual development.

The staff at Bright Beginnings develop the whole child; allowing them to realise their unique potential. It is through the school’s lessons that children become disciplined, confident young people who show respect for themselves, those around them, and the environment. The school’s objectives are met through the keen sense of loyalty and participation from learners, educators and parents in an atmosphere that resembles family. As these years are important, formative years, Bright Beginnings offer an education in an atmosphere of love, structure and care.

Bright Beginnings guarantees small classes, where children can receive individual attention from their teachers. Educators teach around a theme, and occasional excursions are arranged by the school for parents, children and teachers to enjoy. The year culminates in an annual concert, and is a memorable showcase of young talent.

In addition to this, Bright Beginnings offers extra activities during school hours that assist in their development and complement the exciting, fun school programme. These activities include Playball, pottery, computers and Kindergym. Parents can also expect their children to receive meals throughout the course of the day including breakfast, a mid-morning snack and juice, a cooked lunch and an afternoon snack and juice. Specific dietary requirements can be met, and a menu is available on request.

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