Cheap and cheerful spring seedlings to add colour to your garden

Cheap and cheerful spring seedlings to add colour to your garden

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Spring is here and having a bright and colourful garden is of utmost importance. With many people experiencing financial difficulties, the idea of splurging on seedlings to create an ideal garden seems out of the question.

Here are 5 seedlings for you to plant at a low cost:

1. Marigold Sunset Giants

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Marigold Sunset Giants are beautiful and bright plants. They come in the colour yellow and sometimes have an orange hue to them as well.

These are the perfect flowers to plant to add colour in your garden. Not only are they pleasing to the eye, but the seedlings are also fairly cheap with a pack starting from R20 upwards. Who says you have to break the bank to have a beautiful garden?

2. African daisies

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African daisies come in a variety of colours. From pink, purple, yellow, orange, white, red, blue and lavender — you’ll be spoilt for choice.

These flowers also tend to be bi-coloured or multi-coloured, meaning each flower will have an array of colours, adding a rainbow-esque flair to your garden. This also means you’ll spend less money on making your garden look colourful, as the technicoloured daisies will do the trick.

3. Sweet Alyssum

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Sweet Alyssum are small low growing flowers which come in the colours white, violet and pink. They can sometimes be bi-coloured, growing in a pink-purple mix.

These flowers are great to plant in your garden because they’ll cover the ground in a ‘carpet of snow’ — a term used to describe how these plants look when they are fully grown.

The seedlings are affordable, with a packet costing R95. When you think about how much area these flowers will cover in your garden, the price definitely seems worth it.

4. Nemesia

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Nemesia are perennial plant flowers that grow in the colours yellow, pink, purple, red, white and orange.

They are mainly used as bedding plants and they flourish in well-drained soil with compost. They can also be planted as edging plants and hanging basket plants. Nemesia are great seeds to buy on a budget, with 150 seeds costing about R150.

5. Weigela

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Weigela is a shrubby plant that flourishes with colourful flowers in the springtime. The flowers range from red, pink and white.

This shrub is perfect for adding colour to your garden while keeping costs down, as a pack of seeds starts at R45.

This plant thrives in the sun and the best part is, it is pest and disease resistant.

Consider these 5 affordable seedlings in order to grow colourful flowers in your garden this spring.

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