Designing the ultimate bachelor pad

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Get the wow factor with these tips to creating a sleek and stylish bachelor pad.

A bachelor pad is the one place where you are free to do whatever you want and decorate however you please. However, with such freedom comes great responsibility because you clearly don’t want to live in a décor nightmare either!

So to prevent this from happening, we sat down with Karen Marsden; owner of Karen Marsden Interiors who shared ways to make sure that your bachelor pad is still stylish and sleek.

Everyone has such different needs and different spaces have different requirements. If you are living alone, music is great company. I would recommend a great music system and a really good coffee machine (for those coffee lovers). When it comes to choosing furniture – keep it uncluttered, modern and easy to maintain.

“If you are living in a smaller space and are looking for a way to make it seem bigger, make sure that it is not too ‘busy’. “Purchase key pieces that make a WOW statement,” says Marsden. “Also, when choosing furniture, make sure that it’s more contemporary and streamlined. Keep the lines simple and don’t use too many colours and finishes - mirroring walls is also a great way of opening up spaces.”

However, living on your own does cost a bit of money and there are times when decorating has to take a backseat to the more important aspects of living alone.

Marsden says, “If you aren’t in a position to purchase art, then paint your feature walls in a different colour. For example, shades of greys have a clean and modern feel. But again don’t go overboard – be selective. I believe that one should rather buy fewer items and instead invest in something of great quality and build your collection up slowly.”

But like any bachelor, you will still want to remain on top of the trends.

“More and more fabrics are becoming available that are more resilient and easy to maintain. For example there are great polyester-based fabrics that are soft and are great to the touch. Incredible mock leather fabrics are also available which again are durable and extremely comfortable. Grey still continues to be ‘the new black’ although the warm tones of browns, caramels, and creams are definitely making a return. These look awesome when mixed with rich jewel colours,” says Marsden.

It's equally important though that your home, while looking well-designed and polished, is comfortable, relaxing and 'homey'.

Marsden says that in order to ensure this you should appeal to people’s senses. “Great smells (candles and diffusers), fresh flowers or plants always give a more homely feel. Personal items such as photographs often tell a lot about the person living there. I also do not believe in over-styling, it needs to look like a home and not a hotel room. And lastly, ensure couches and all seating areas are comfortable and inviting.”

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