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Life runs away with the best of us, however those who don't carry out regular home maintenance could well find that things become costly to repair if left too long.

Gutters are a prime example of this. Debris does collect which can become problematic leading to breakages in the draining system if left too long. Obviously, this problem becomes more of an issue during the autumn and winter months when trees shed their leaves, but high winds can cause branches and such to fall onto a roof and as such, gutters should be inspected and cleared of any debris on a regular basis. Fascia boards should also be checked and replaced where necessary.

Drains should also be checked and cleaned regularly, particularly in the kitchen area where grease can cause blockages if left too long.

They don't call it spring cleaning for nothing and this is the ideal time to get your home shipshape. Inspect the home with a critical eye inside and out. Check things such as window frames for wear and tear and re-varnish where necessary. Clean the outside walls and touch up areas that enjoy the most wear and tear. Inspect the roof and replace any cracked tiles.

Check that no plants have managed to take hold in nooks and crannies around the property. Inspect your trees to ensure that they aren't interfering with any electricity or telephone cables. Remove any dead branches that could cause damage to your or a neighbouring property.

Inspect for and remove insect nests under the eves of your property - check for termites and other pests that can cause damage to the property and call in a pest control expert to tackle the problem if necessary.

Check out your deck and repair loose boards as required and re-stain if the wood looks tired and worn.

Remove and clean all air conditioning filters and if possible, call in experts to service all of the units. Speaking of cooling down, it's highly advisable to vacuum the refrigerator coil twice a year. Apart from keeping things clean, this also helps cut down electricity costs.

Kitchens generally need more maintenance than the rest of the home and although a deep clean can seem intimidating, the required tasks tend to be far more doable if the work is split up over a couple of months. Things such as extractor fans need to be cleaned on a fairly regular basis - it's generally a simple task, but can become messy and somewhat arduous if left too long. The filter should be removed and soaked in warm soapy water (overnight in extreme cases) and thoroughly rinsed down before being refitted.

Domestic appliances such as tumble dryers and dishwashers should also thoroughly cleaned every month or so. Things such as the tumble dryers exhaust vents should be checked and cleaned and any fluff removed. Lint should also be vacuumed from the hose.

Take a critical look at your bathrooms and replace any grout that has worn away - this will keep your surfaces looking better and will prolong the life of your tiles.

Home maintenance isn't necessary an easy task, however, if done on a regular basis, can be easily accomplished. Spring is nearly upon us and it's time to get out those hammers and get working on your prized asset.

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