How to bring romance into your home

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The month of love is a great time to take steps to bring romance back into your home.

The month of love is a great time to consider how romantic, peaceful and serene your home is. Life gets busy, homes get messy and you may feel you need to get away in order to have a romantic escape. Well, you don't need to leave home for a bit of romance, here are some tips to bring some romance back into your home.

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1. Clear your clutter

There is nothing romantic about a home that looks messy and untidy. Clutter not only makes us feel stressed and anxious, it also attracts dust and mould which affects the air quality and our health.

Removing clutter can be overwhelming so take it one room at a time. Start in the bedroom, nothing is more unromantic than your bedroom looking like an office, with files, papers and bills lying around. In the kitchen, remove clutter from the counter tops, pantry and fridge. Don’t forget the outside of the fridge - too many fridge magnets holding up appointment reminders and bills, are a reminder of how stressful life can be. In the living room clear out old magazines, dead plants and donate anything you don't use or don't like. Clearing clutter not only makes your home feel serene and welcoming it makes good financial sense too.

2. Flowers

We all know and love the feeling of receiving flowers on special occasions. But there is more to flowers than just looking beautiful. Research has shown that flowers have the ability to affect our moods, decrease feelings of stress and anxiety, improve health and improve productivity. In addition to roses (meaning: I love you) , other flowers considered be romantic include the Daisy (meaning : innocence, love) , the Tulip (meaning: perfect love), the Lily (meaning; beauty), the Orchid (meaning: love)

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3. Colour and paint.

Painting your walls will make your home feel fresh and new. While, red is the colour of love and passion it can be a bit too energetic and overpowering when used as a wall colour. Red can be used to add energy in accents. Romantic wall colours include natural tones like beige, blush and pink.

4. Beautiful Scents

A stale smelling home will very quickly dampen the romance. Be sure to open windows to let lots of fresh air into your home. Essential oils are a great way to naturally scent a room and add to the romance. Romantic essential oils include Rose, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine and Sandalwood. Another tip for a romantic bedroom is to add a small spray of your favourite perfume on your bed linen.

5. Lighting

The soft, warm lighting of a beautiful chandelier adds a feeling of romance to a room, whether in the living room, dining room, bedroom or bathroom. Create a romantic atmosphere with dim light, candles are a great choice and can be used in any room of the home. Fairy lights can also look romantic and in the winter you can light up the fireplace.

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6. Photos and art

Over time romantic photos of you and your partner may have been replaced with photos of the kids. Get some of the romance back by swapping the kids photos for romantic photos of you and your partner having fun times together. If photos are not your thing, then consider some romantic art, a painting, print or wallpaper.

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