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The perfect bedroom is so much more than a place to sleep - it's your private space, it's a sanctuary from the stresses from the outside world, it's...well in our opinion, it's the most important room in the house. So how do you go about creating the perfect space that basically demands that you 'relax'?

The sheets
One of the first hints experts recommend is ditching threadbare sheets and investing in some seriously good cotton bedding.

While we are aware that some sheets cost more than the average three bedroom home, there are good cheaper options available. Those who are working with a shoestring budget should avoid big brand names and search for the right stuff in less expensive bedding chain stores.
The thread count is quite important - the higher the count, the longer the sheet or duvet will last and the more comfortable it will be to sleep on.

Everyone raves about Egyptian cotton and there is a good reason for this - the longer fibres produces a sheet that is thin, but extremely strong that will (if you don't allow your puppy to sleep on it - you need to take our word on this) last for years.

The mattress
Of course sleeping on the right mattress is also vitally important. Mattresses come in all shapes and sizes and although some seemingly have enough scientific features to get the next batch of NASA astronauts into deep space, the mattress you choose is going to be dependent on your needs.
If possible avoid buying a second-hand mattress - apart from sleeping on other people's dead skin cells, mattresses are affected by the way people sleep and the wear and tear on an older mattress may not be suitable for you.

Don't buy the first mattress you come across just because it's priced right - shop around and 'test drive' as many different types as possible in order to find something that is going to aid your sleep rather than give you nightmares.

Invest in some seriously good pillows. Again, good pillows do tend to be more expensive. However, buying a feather pillow (or a high-quality synthetic brand) means that it won't turn into a flat, uncomfortable pancake within 2.5 seconds, it will last longer - years actually, if you plump them up and wash them on a regular basis.

Your colour choices
When it comes to paint colours in the bedroom, it's highly advisable to go with calm neutral tones. Thankfully the 80s craze of wallpapering the walls with the same floral pattern as your duvet, side light and curtains is over. Experts recognise that the tone of your walls affects the tone of your sleep and yes, while the bright purple wall may be funky, it's probably not going to aid a good night's sleep.

The curtains
Curtains are also important and should ideally block out as much light as possible.
This doesn't mean that you have to hang dark, gloomy coloured drapes. There are a number of options available including a light blocker variety (that come in an assortment of colours) that will stop the morning sun from disturbing your slumber. A well-lined curtain will also do the job, allowing you to snooze for longer.

Flooring also sets the tone and regardless of how beautiful your linen, how fancy your mattress, old stained carpet is going to ruin the effect. If you can't afford to replace the flooring, consider placing a couple of mats around the room in order to hide as much damage as possible. Mats also work well on tiled or wooden floors - they not only add a bit of colour, they prevent frostbite during winter.

With the correct furnishings and lighting you will create an oasis that won't only help you to sleep better, but will offer you a peaceful, tranquil spot in which to escape the world.

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