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Living rooms trends for 2016 and 2017 range from 70s styles, to tech-less living spaces. Here's how to keep your living room on trend.

Like them or love them, trends have their own way of becoming part of the furniture – and sometimes making a space we previously loved look suddenly outdated. A good way around this is not to jump at every new trend, but to keep an eye on what’s hot and what’s not – and make informed décor decisions along the way.

While the living room is a space that needs to be relaxing enough for the family to unwind, it also needs to look good when guests drop in. From exotic jungle prints to kitsch Seventies style to a touch of Boho, current trends are both fun and bold as well as quiet and sophisticated. Here are some of the happening modes that may inspire.


First off is the move away from incessant connectivity. Family spaces are showing a trend towards ditching the screen, and becoming a place of calm and fun family time, places where people can chat, read, laugh or play, devoid of digital distraction.

The 70s

High on the current charts, is a move back to a 70s look, a little lewd, a little quirky, this is not a look to replicate en masse, but to use with a nod here and there – a funky piece of retro furniture that will add a touch of humour, a touch of bold 70s colour and pattern, an item of modular furniture.

Chunky low furniture

A modern interpretation of the 70s, the boxy, chunky, low sofa is here. Available both as a single unit, and as a series of cut and paste modular sectionals configured to provide the best setup for you and your guests, choose high-quality fabric to counteract the casualness of the look, and comfort to ensure longevity. Team with clustered coffee tables to complete the feel.

Art ledges

Put them up once and then go to town, styling and rearranging at your will. An easy way of changing the entire look and feel of a room, without banging in nails, or breaking the bank, art ledges are a fun and versatile addition to a modern living space.

Scandinavian design

The Nordic influence on interiors continues with its abundance of clear light, space, and simple, well-designed furnishings. The natural look is key in this down-to-earth theme, team it with an abundance of warm textures such as wood, paper, suede, leather, and cork, so it doesn’t appear sterile or cold.

Elusive colourways

Hand in hand with the cool Nordic style, the Pantone colours of the year, Rose Quartz and Serenity highlight the move away from cold greys to warm stone hues, warmer charcoals, transparent tones, taupes, light and dark woods and the texture and movement of limewash walls.


Black is also back and big – with the boldest decorators doing entire living areas in this dramatic hue. For those not as bold, as striking item or two works a treat.


Metallics are in and going nowhere fast. Gold is having a rather refined moment with brushed, satin and matte finishes, while aged brass, silver and copper are doing just as well.


In the rush towards a greener, cleaner and a more planet-friendly lifestyle, décor is offering its own interpretation in worn or aged furnishings and accents, mixed in with personal treasures, upcycled or repurposed objects and live edge shelving or tables. A touch of greenery is also big in the living room - plants and planters are the obvious, a living-wall a little less usual.

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