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As we prepare to herald the ‘official’ start of winter, most of us will stock up on those tried and trusted germ-busting medicines and remedies that we tend to rely on every winter to shield us from the vagaries of colds and flu.

“I would encourage all South Africans to take whatever precautions possible to prevent or limit the damage that these winter bugs inflict on us. There is no better place to start with this defence plan than in our own homes,” suggests Regional Director and CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa, Adrian Goslett.

Below, RE/MAX of Southern Africa suggests a few things homeowners can do to combat the dreaded ‘winter blues’ as far as possible.

Be aware of germs’ favourite hideouts

We all know only too well that our homes tend to be hot spots for germs to hide out and manifest themselves. Places such as the kitchen sink, counter tops, remote controls, hard-to-get-reach places such as behind fridges and stoves, toilet handles and toilet seats are just some of the places where germs and bugs congregate and wait to pounce on us – their unsuspecting ‘prey’.

Get a handle on germs

Considering that bacteria and germs relish gathering on items such as doorknobs, changing plastic cupboard and door handles to metal can help prevent a build-up of germs in your home. Oligodynamic metals (for example, silver, copper, and brass) contain ions that kill cells like bacteria, fungi, and other viruses. If you add these metals to your home, they can work on your behalf to kill germs.

Stock up on supplies

Sometimes catching a flu is simply beyond prevention. To make sure you don’t have to drag yourself to the pharmacy in your slippers and tissue-stuffed nightgown, stock up on medication now before the bug bites you. Just be sure to store your medicine in a safe place beyond the reach of small children.

“Although these are but a few suggestions, we hope these tips will go a long way towards ensuring your home is healthy and flu-free this winter,” concludes Goslett.

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