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Find out the hot trends you need to be incorporating into your living room this year.

The living room and lounge play an important role in just about every home. Generally speaking, they are used for entertaining, relaxing and catching up with family and as such should reflect the importance of their role. We caught up with two of Kramerville’s most prominent design houses to find out what’s trending in the lounge and living room space.

According to Darren Postan, owner of Casarredo in Kramerville, interior trends in South Africa are largely influenced by international markets. Although these trends may take a few months to filter through, they are largely embraced by the local market when they do he says.

Currently, Postan says genuine metallic materials and marble combinations are very much in vogue. These materials are being used in conjunction with jewel/metallic hues and soft furnishings such as velvet and fur which add a “timeless, yet regal feel” to living rooms and lounges.

In terms of lounge furniture, Postan explains that people have “thankfully” moved away from the somewhat banal and ubiquitous beige and taupe colours of the last few years. Now, tone on tone, jacquard weave fabrics in dark, regal tones act as a strong, usable backdrop for marble coffee tables, rose gold accessories and soft furnishings. Couches featuring distressed and embossed leather pleating and curves are also taking centre stage.

In terms of furniture sizes, Postan explains that focus is being given to bigger entertainment spaces in new homes, therefore home owners are able to literally “go big” and buy large pieces. Interestingly, he adds that focus is also being given to “statement” pieces such as bespoke rugs around which all other objects and accessories are tailored.

According to Postan, the metallic trend has also been taken to new heights in lounge and living room lighting. No longer are lights hidden away in ceilings or grouped together in clusters. Now, lighting takes the form of prominent art-work like pieces which can produce different light combinations.

Overall Postan reckons the metallic trend won’t disappear any time soon as all facets of interior design are adapting to accommodate the look.

Chad Enslin, DDL Design & Décor Lab’s Marketing Manager offers a somewhat different perspective. Notes Enslin:

In terms of general trends, we’ve noticed an uptick in demand for vibrant colours such as pink and blue which are being used to great effect across feature walls, fabrics and accessories. Customers also want unique, non-mass manufactured items, and wave pleat style curtains continue to dominate.

Interestingly, he explains that he has witnessed a big comeback in the return of formal and casual lounges. He adds that most homeowners are going for a contemporary look characterised by neutral coloured couches and vibrant cushions and that occasional and unconventional, additional seating is also “in” at the moment.

In terms of fabrics, Enslin explains that silks, velvets and mixed velvet/ vinyl fabrics are typically being used in upmarket homes. Large, statement pieces such as bespoke, oversized sofas, lamps, servers and coffee tables are also currently sought after by those aspiring to create a luxurious aesthetic.

Akin to Postan, he adds that mood lighting provided by beautiful lighting sources such as metal and custom table lamps is all the rage and that a clean, contemporary look will probably continue to dominate for some time to come.

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