Somerset West fast becoming Cape Town’s estate hub

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Somerset West is barely recognisable due to phenomenal growth and many new gated estates.

You’d be forgiven for not recognising Somerset West if you hadn’t visited it for a number of years, and returned today. Not only has the town (now a suburb of Cape Town) experienced phenomenal growth over the past 10 years, but a large percentage of the new properties are situated inside gates estates.

So strong is the trend, that the majority of all new development caters exclusively for property owners wanting the “estate” lifestyle and all that it offers.

We’ve seen these gated estates evolve their offering over the years to keep pace with the ever-changing demands of the modern buyer.

Initially, the main attraction to living in a gated estate was the security that it offered. As this need increased, so the level of security has improved to the point where new estates now offer biometric security measures in addition to high-tech CCTV systems, “anti-dig” electric fencing (so perpetrators can’t access an estate by digging under the fence), and trained and armed security staff.

The next generation of gated estates focused on offering a lifestyle in addition to security. Some estates in Somerset West boast lifestyle offerings such as championship golf courses, lakes for canoeing and swimming, jogging and walking trails, and lifestyle centers with function rooms, restaurants, braai areas, swimming pools, and even gyms.

Purchasers have been attracted to these estates for access to these features, which they can enjoy in an environment that’s safe for their families.

The modern buyer is moving on though, wanting an even more “connected” home that gives them the benefits of new technologies, and the ability to plug into their virtual office. There’s also a growing movement to care for the environment with a more “green” approach to developments.

This hails the arrival of the 3rd generation of gated estates, such as the newly launched Acorn Creek in Somerset West. In addition to high-tech biometric security and a lifestyle offering that includes walking and jogging trails, meandering water features and open play areas, this new development now caters to the latest buyer demands.

For example, every property will have a fibre internet connection, giving the resident lightning-fast access to the Internet. There is a growing trend for people to work from home with a direct link into their office, thus removing the need to travel into an office every day of the week. It also allows for access to steaming movie and TV channels – regarded as the future of entertainment and education.

All Acorn Creek units are also fitted with a hybrid solar power system as standard, which can reduce your reliance on Eskom power by up to 95%. Not only is this a significant saving, but load-shedding becomes a distant memory and work productivity is enhanced with no “down-time”.

Acorn Creek is the first of its kind in Somerset West, but will set the standard of other developments to come. The initial response from the market is extremely positive, with buyers keen to enjoy, not only the security and lifestyle on offer, but also the high-tech and environmentally friendly properties that meet their modern requirements.

Somerset West certainly has much to offer the modern buyer. It is proving popular not only with Western Cape buyers, but also those looking to relocate from Gauteng and KZN in search of a secure lifestyle for their families – but now with added connectivity, reduced costs, and “green” benefits.

Statement by Steve Caradoc-Davies: Harcourts Platinum Principal

Take a journey through Somerset West here:

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