The Grove Green Café – healthy eating in Parktown

The Grove Green Café – healthy eating in Parktown

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Delicious, healthy meals in Parktown North.

When the hunger pangs strike, and especially when you’re in a rush, it’s easy to grab something quick and easy for lunch or breakfast. But even when deciding to pick something up from a nearby supermarket, seemingly healthy food choices can be packed with unexpected salts and sugars. In the face of this, healthy lunch and breakfast spots are popping up all over Joburg, giving discerning grazers more opportunity to make informed decisions about what’s going into their bodies and their busy lives. Topping this list is The Grove Green Cafe in Parktown North, which offers breakfasts and lunches that are expertly prepared to complement an active lifestyle.

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The Grove Green Cafe only produces food that abides by its four pillars: it must be made from natural ingredients, have a low carb count, make you feel good, and should be guilt-free. With these values in place, founders Adrian Hogan and Bradley Nash-Jones have created a spot that welcomes anyone looking for a meal that’ll make them feel as good as it tastes. Opened in September last year, the Parktown North spot will immediately draw you in with an incredible smoothie menu. Not sure if you should go for the banana peanut butter or the dirty smoothie? The chefs themselves are on hand to talk you through what the best option is for your needs. As fitness addicts themselves, they’re committed to producing food that is packed with all the right ingredients, without compromising on taste.

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If you’re popping in for breakfast, you can go for something oats-based (think quinoa oats with baked fruit and walnuts), or egg-based (more traditional omelets with veggie and bacon additions), or try one of the speciality breakfasts – the protein and oat flapjacks are made with coconut oil, fresh berries, and honey. If lunch is more your thing, try out one of the generous quinoa salads or the bunless chicken burger, served with fresh guacamole on a bed of sweet potatoes.

End your meal off with some of the flourless, sugar-free cheat snacks, and leave feeling full and content, but not bloated or unhealthy.

See for yourself:

The Grove Green Cafe

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This article originally appeared in Neighbourhood, Sunday Times.

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