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More saucy trends to keep your kitchen in the game.

Perfect for social butterflies the open plan kitchen is no newcomer, but 2016 is bringing with it a lot that trends that make the open plan kitchen an even more appealing place, and give it a glossy onceover on the sophistication front.

Open spaces get the nod not just for parties, but for typical family scenarios, where cooking, eating, homework and TV can all happen in the same area. This is still evolving in 2016 however, with breakfast bars, islands and now the outdoors giving it more flexibility.

With our good year-round climate the kitchen itself is becoming more of an indoor-outdoor feature than ever before, with open plan kitchens flowing into outdoor entertainment areas and appliances (everything from dishwashers to fridges and hobs - high quality stainless steel of course) being installed as outdoor cooking and prep features.

Energy saving

For those installing new appliances, low energy is becoming the norm. Although initial outlay may be steeper, they are friendlier to the environment and the pocket in the long run. They’re also getting the thumbs up from prospective buyers, where appliances are destined to stay in the case of a sale.

Colour wave

Colour is taking an interesting turn in 2016, with kitchens moving away from bold primaries to more muted palettes including warmer charcoals, muted grey taupes, neutral pastels and tinted whites. Accent areas are featuring drier colours including muted blues, greens, and pale yellows.

Natural touch

In line with the current trend towards organics, kitchens are seeing a big increase in the use of wood and other natural materials including concrete, bamboo, river rock and stone. On the wooden front, raw timber is enjoying a revival – think live edge slabs, tree stump stools, unvarnished wooden floors – and finishes are increasingly seen in blonde, walnut and whitewashed woods.

Polished porcelain

In contrast to the organic movement, porcelain is becoming de rigueur again. Once the domain of bathtubs and basins, this old high-density, low-porosity ceramic is taking a turn and becoming a newcomer in the kitchen. With great resistance to heat, flame and stain, porcelain surfaces can be manufactured in a variety of thicknesses (even as fine as 3 mm thick) and are suitable for applications ranging from benchtops to vertical surfaces such as drawers, splashbacks and doors. Thanks to a variety of modern treatments, porcelain comes in all sorts of guises these days that range from traditional white to rusted iron.


A great part of the 2016 kitchen is that you will not necessarily be pressed to choose which of the modern trends to use. Texture and contrast are becoming features in their own right. Examples of this include the repeated use of the same texture in different patterns across the kitchen, mirrored, coloured or slump glass splashbacks, brass accessories and high gloss surfaces interworked with textured tiles, textured laminates and raw fabrics.

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