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Eco-conscious renovations that will increase property value
How to make your home more eco-friendly while increasing its value.
Green features that add investment value
Environmentally friendly additions can improve the value of a property.
Why You Need Eco-Friendly Household Appliances
The benefits of energy efficient appliances.
The importance of plugs and how to wire a plug
A plug is a key electrical component in any residential or commercial building. How does one wire a plug?
How to cut down on energy consumption
Consumers in South Africa are constantly dealing with the escalating cost of electricity. These are the ways in which this can be managed.
How to go ‘green’ in a sectional title and keep your levies down
Going green is not only good for the environment, but it can help you spend less money on your levies.
Hand-me-down décor ideas
Most of us have experienced having to decorate your first home on a very tight budget and more often than not, the luxury of buying new furniture is not something we can all afford.
Saving water during lockdown
As lockdown continues, there are serious concerns over the ability to pay monthly utility bills. Let's help you to save water with a few tips
Eco-friendly ways to save water
Looking for ways to cut back on your expenses and help the environment? Try these eco-friendly ways to save water.
Going Green At Home
Our quick guide to going green at home, and why it matters in the long run.