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How to choose the right appliances for your home
Energy-efficient appliances are good for the environment – and your pocket. So how can you choose the right appliances?
Wildlife-friendly garden lighting
You need to reduce light pollution to create a wildlife-friendly garden – and save money in the long run.
How to be prepared for load shedding
Load shedding happens frequently in South Africa. How best can you prepare for load shedding and prevent damage to equipment?
Absa promotes the sustainable home
Sustainable living has become a common feature locally and internationally. How is the local market responding?
Tips for heating your home and saving money
Saving electricity makes excellent financial sense, and with winter coming up it pays to look at ways of warming your home that will save money in the process.
Fire safety measures every homeowner should implement
Fire safety measures are designed to minimise the risk of fire and the resulting damages. Which measures should homeowners consider?
The Cost Benefits of Solar Power in South Africa
Solar energy has continued to be a reliable and cost-effective source of power. What cost benefits does this option provide?
Conserve water in winter
Water is a key resource which households and businesses depend on for survival. How can water be conserved in winter?
Ways to lower your electric bill before Eskom price hikes
The cost of power has continued to increase. How can you lower your power bill?
The History and Future of Green Buildings
Green buildings have come a long way as a building construction option.