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Hand-me-down décor ideas
Most of us have experienced having to decorate your first home on a very tight budget and more often than not, the luxury of buying new furniture is not something we can all afford.
Saving water during lockdown
As lockdown continues, there are serious concerns over the ability to pay monthly utility bills. Let's help you to save water with a few tips
Eco-friendly ways to save water
Looking for ways to cut back on your expenses and help the environment? Try these eco-friendly ways to save water.
Going Green At Home
Our quick guide to going green at home, and why it matters in the long run.
Best ways to reduce your water consumption
Here are a few ways that homeowners can reduce their water consumption in and around the home.
Creating a vegan (or planet conscious) home
With the unforeseen and subsequent chaos COVID-19 is spreading across the globe, perhaps now is the time to challenge some of our mindsets and show ourselves and the planet how much we care.
How to become a zero-waste household
How homeowners can move towards a greener lifestyle.
Combat climate change from your garden
Choosing the right plants could help you combat climate change, right from your garden.
The next tier of green homes is Net Zero
The trend towards more sustainable and operational homes that have an eco- or green-friendly aspect, is escalating.
Smart ways to reduce energy usage
Lower your utilities bill by using these energy saving tips.