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9 simple ways to reduce your household waste
Doing our bit for the environment is more important than ever and reducing the amount of waste we produce at home is a great place to start.
After the Cape water crisis, well-priced properties emerge
Lack of stock and the drought put buyers off in early 2018, but now that the water crisis has abated, there are good opportunities in the Cape's property market once again.
Growing demand for homes with green features
The recent drought, reintroduction of load shedding by Eskom and rapidly escalating costs of electricity and water have made energy- and resource-efficient homes increasingly appealing to home buyers.
How to save water in the kitchen
More water is used in the kitchen than anywhere else in the home, so it’s a good place to start applying conservation measures . Here's how to make every drop count.
Tips to save energy during winter
The colder months inevitably mean higher utility costs. Here’s how you can save money this winter.
Property Buyer Show Cape Town 2018 | The Blok EIGHTONN Development
Roxy Goddard, Marketing Officer at Blok, discusses the EIGHTONN Development - a compact living concept, designed with the motif of duality, energy efficiency and modernity in mind.
The future is homes that are smaller, smarter and greener
Affordability, convenience and security are the key factors driving a distinct buyer preference at the moment for smaller homes packed with “green” features and “smart” technologies.
5 things home buyers love that sellers forget to mention
When selling a home its important to put yourself into the shoes of a buyer. A home feature that you take for granted may be the one that results in an offer.
How technology can help tackle the housing backlog
Developers using conventional building methods are struggling to keep pace with demand for new homes, but innovative new techniques could catapult the industry into the 21st century.
The Allure of Eco Estate Living
Eco Estates are housing developments that have a sustainable lifestyle focus and have been built around some form of nature conservation.