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5 Ways a Water Tank Can Improve Your Lifestyle
Here are 5 ways that installing a water tank at home can improve your lifestyle and add value to your property.
The appeal of "Off-The-Grid" living
Increases in water and electricity prices have seen a renewed interest in off-the-grid living.
Off-grid becomes more difficult for Cape Town home owners
City by-laws effectively remove the option of being off-grid and may also prove costly to the many home-owners who have installed alternative energy systems that may prove to be non-compliant
15 tips for a water wise garden
With water becoming an increasingly scarce resource, we need to do all we can to conserve it. Here's how you can save water in your garden.
How to turn grass cuttings into compost
After mowing your lawn, you can use the grass to make free compost that will benefit the rest of your garden. Here's how.
Innovative ways to build homes
What will our homes look like in the future? Well, the future is now! We look at innovative building solutions from around the world.
9 simple ways to reduce your household waste
Doing our bit for the environment is more important than ever and reducing the amount of waste we produce at home is a great place to start.
Money saving tips: Sell, up-cycle and buy second-hand
Before making any drastic decisions or signing up for that second job, you should first consider selling items you no longer use, re-purposing other items and changing your spending habits.
After the Cape water crisis, well-priced properties emerge
Lack of stock and the drought put buyers off in early 2018, but now that the water crisis has abated, there are good opportunities in the Cape's property market once again.
Growing demand for homes with green features
The recent drought, reintroduction of load shedding by Eskom and rapidly escalating costs of electricity and water have made energy- and resource-efficient homes increasingly appealing to home buyers.