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Get your home summer ready
With spring almost out the door, and summer just around the corner, it’s time to get your home ready for the warm months ahead. Check out these tips on how to best prepare for the new season.
Unexpected costs that will blow your kitchen revamp budget
Updating your kitchen? Don't forget to budget for these unexpected expenses that could blow your budget out of the water.
The 8 bad habits that could be damaging your home
There are things that you do everyday that could be damaging your home without you even knowing it. Here's what to look out for.
Fun decor ideas and colours for kids' rooms
Creating colour schemes for kids’ bedrooms can and should be a fun experience. Choose the right colours and create a happy, nurturing space.
Home maintenance slips as the tough economy bites
Data from FNB indicates that South Africans are spending less on home maintenance and upgrades due to financial constraints.
13 easy cleaning hacks for your home
Whether you’re a “clean-on-the-go” or “routine clean” kind of person, these quick and easy cleaning hacks will definitely make cleaning each room of your home a whole lot less daunting!
How to avoid home renovation nightmares
Home owners are often anxious or even scared to begin renovation projects because so many things can go wrong. Here's how to master your renovation fears.
Don't renovate until your new home is registered
Undertaking any renovations or alterations to property before it is transferred into your name could be costly if the sale falls through.
Innovative ways to build homes
What will our homes look like in the future? Well, the future is now! We look at innovative building solutions from around the world.
Owning a heritage home in South Africa
Owners of heritage homes need to understand the rules and regulations governing these properties before making any changes to the home.