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Common mistakes that sellers make
3 things that sellers need to reconsider before putting their home on the market.
How to pick the best stand
9 tips for choosing the best spots in plot-and-plan developments.
Sprucing up your home on a budget
Inexpensive and creative ways to make your home look inviting.
6 lavish bathrooms to linger in
Some of the most extravagant bathrooms in South Africa, that would make you want to linger a little longer.
Are modular homes the next big thing?
Shipping containers and modular homes offer numerous benefits, not least the option of mobility, but are they viable alternatives to the traditional home?
Eco-Friendly pest control solutions
Chemical pesticides have potentially harmful effects on one's health and the environment. Here are some alternative solutions for dealing with pest control.
Bathroom trends to look out for in 2019
As we start and end each day in the bathroom, the colours, textures and patterns we choose have a strong influence on how we feel. Here is some inspiration for 2019.
New Year's resolutions for your home
New year, new room? Here’s how to shake up your home in line with your 2019 resolutions, without breaking your budget.
Spruce up your guest bedroom
A beautiful and well-designed guest bedroom will make your guests feel special and welcome and there is something really satisfying about creating an inviting, cosy space for visitors.
5 ways to achieve your property dreams in 2019
We’ve collated our top five ideas for ways you can save (and make!) money for your property in 2019.