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The difference between home loans and building loans
There are differences between applying for an ordinary home loan and a loan granted by the bank for construction or renovation of a property.
5 mistakes to avoid when designing a kitchen
When designing a kitchen it's important to strike a balance between looks and functionality. Here's how to get the balance right.
4 things that should be part of your spring clean
The weather is starting to improve and many of us are planning a spring clean. Here are 4 things that you ought to be cleaning at least once a year.
10 things you should never keep in your bathroom
Bathrooms are used to store all sorts of things but we were surprised to learn that many of them really don't belong there.
How to avoid overspending on home renovations
When buying a home with the intention of renovating or extending, its important that the cost of the improvements match the increase in property value.
How much it costs to build in South Africa
Looking to invest in a fixer-upper or a new build? Find out the construction costs per square metre in each of South Africa's provinces.
Feng Shui colours for your home
There is a close relationship with colours and Feng Shui, the ancient art of creating positive energy flow in the home.
Building vs buying
Here’s a brief overview of the advantages and disadvantages which need to be considered when deciding whether to build or buy a house.
Get to know your lighting types
Lighting plays an important part in an interior and not just from a practical point of view. Lighting has the ability change the atmosphere, mood and size of a room.
9 décor ideas that won’t put your rental deposit at risk
When renting,it can be difficult to personalise your space without risking losing your deposit. Here are some simple ways to decorate without breaking the rules.