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The psychology behind colour in your home
How colour can effect the energy in your home, and which colours are best for which rooms.
Your home maintenance checklist
Keep your most valuable asset in top shape with this practical maintenance schedule and budget.
Start your empire (and not an engine) in your garage
Some of the world’s biggest companies started in a garage. Here’s how to convert your garage into the office of your dreams.
Making a shared property work
More people are sharing homes with extended family and friends, but you need careful planning to make it work for everyone.
How credible is your builder?
When you are about to spend five-figure Rands (or more) on a new home build, you need some reassurance that the home builder you appoint has the right credentials.
Creating a Happy Home with the Japanese Philosophy of Wabi-Sabi
How to feel more positive and happy in your home using some Japanese philosophies.
Key trends shaping architecture in 2019
For both home owners and architects there is a keen focus on sustainability, wellness, smart homes and the comforts of technology, indoor-outdoor living, artisanal features and more.
How to flood-proof your property
With climate change becoming an ever-increasing reality, it’s reason enough to stop and reflect on how well we are prepared and protected when it comes to harsh weather conditions.
Renovations to add value
Small, cost effective alterations can add to your comfort while adding value to your property.
Potential home fire hazards you may be unaware of
Fire hazards can sometimes be lurking in the least expected places, here are 6 potential fire starters to take note of.