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Electrical hazards to beware of
Rolling blackouts and load shedding are more than just an inconvenience, and can cause damage to your property. Here's how to prevent this.
The definitive guide to house plan approval permissions
There are crucially important reasons why you need planning permission before you build, renovate or extend your home, not least of which is compliance to the law.
Ask these questions before buying into a development
Many first time buyers will be considering homes in developments and they need to ask the developers some probing questions before making a commitment.
Maintenance and sectional title schemes
Maintenance is a collective business when it comes to sectional title schemes.
Advice for building a new home
Taking on a building project may seem daunting, but if you do your homework beforehand and keep following up throughout the construction phase, you can make it work.
Tips for buying and renovating older homes
Is buying an older home to renovate it, the way to go?
Converting your extra space
Instead of downscaling, why not consider converting your extra space into a granny flat and making money from it?
Buying a home off-plan
Buying a brand new home off-plan directly from a developer can be a daunting prospect, but the advantages are significant and the risks negligible - if you do your homework.
How to increase your ROI on an investment property
How to successfully maximise your returns on an investment property through renovation.
Additions and alterations on sectional title homes
For those wanting to add on or make alterations to sectional title homes, make sure that you've read these points first.