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When should you replace appliances/parts of your house?
How long do parts of your house and appliances typically last before they need to be replaced?
How to do gardening in December
Make the most of your garden this December with these handy tips.
Energy-saving strategies: How to go green with your new home
Eco-friendly homes have gained momentum over a period of time. How can you go green with your new home?
Revamp your bathroom on a budget
Here are some tips for remodelling your bathroom without breaking the bank.
How to bring summer into your home
Summer is a great season to make some home changes. So, put away winter accessories and bring your home into summer.
Create windbreaks in your garden
Windbreaks are an important garden feature. You can create this by planting robust trees and shrubs to protect more delicate plants.
How to plant an indigenous scented garden
Achieve an indigenous scented garden by including fragrant plants that will add a new dimension to your garden.
Disclosing property defects
Disclosure of defects is an important aspect of property transactions. What should be disclosed and what are the legal guidelines?
Buying furniture online or in-store
Buying furniture is an important decision which requires that you compare the advantages and disadvantages of both, then decide which suits you.
Clean and maintain large appliances for better efficiency
Keeping your washing machine, dishwasher and tumble drier clean and in good condition will save time and money.