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Rules for smoking or braaiing in Sectional Title schemes
The Sectional Title Schemes Management act is a breath of fresh air for residents that are bothered by their neighbour’s smoke.
Can a veggie garden add value to your home?
Many homeowners are tapping into the green revolution by growing their own produce at home. But does this make your home more attractive to buyers?
Put a new spin on home décor
Gone are the days where bicycles only exist for cycling. Old bicycles are now being used in interesting ways around the home and garden as decorations or to serve a useful purpose.
Bringing houseplants into your life
The trends in houseplants that you need to know about to get your house looking lush and lovely.
Hot tips for cool bulbs
Want a garden filled with colourful flowers next spring? Now is the time to put your plan your place.
How to grow flowers indoors
Want to breathe colour into your home with indoor bulbs? Here’s how to grow flowers indoors.
Gardening in autumn
How to make sure that your garden is golden in autumn, and lasts through the winter months.
How to get birds flocking to your garden
Homeowners can derive much pleasure from a garden with an abundance of birds. The good news is that all gardens can be adapted to host a variety of bird life.
Make your garden THE place to perch with feeders and baths for the birds
Feeders and baths are a wonderful way to attract a variety of bird life to your garden. Here's how to get started.
Creating a garden that buyers will love
Potential buyers look at more than just the house in front of them – the garden completes the package, and often sways their decision.