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4 tasks to do in the garden to prepare for summer
A garden plays an important role for outdoor activities especially during the warm seasons like summer.
Cheap and cheerful spring seedlings to add colour to your garden
Consider planting these flowers in your garden for added colour this spring.
How to get your home ready for spring
Spring is here and it's time to make sure that your living space reflects that.
Tips for your garden between seasons
Season changes can affect your garden negatively. Here's how to keep it kempt between seasons.
Flowers to plant in your garden this winter
With the following evergreen flowers, your garden can still flourish in winter.
How to grow your own vegetable garden at home
As the need for sustainable living grows, forward-thinking property developers are designing homes with designated garden spaces.
Saving water during lockdown
As lockdown continues, there are serious concerns over the ability to pay monthly utility bills. Let's help you to save water with a few tips
How to become a pro gardener during lockdown
If there’s something South African’s now have in abundance, it is time, time and more time. So, why not use that spare time to go outside and tackle the garden (naturally) like a pro.
Pre-winter home preparations
Autumn chores to do while you've got the time, and before the winter chill hits.
All about water features
Why you should install water features and how to go about it.