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How to plant an indigenous scented garden
Achieve an indigenous scented garden by including fragrant plants that will add a new dimension to your garden.
Clean and maintain large appliances for better efficiency
Keeping your washing machine, dishwasher and tumble drier clean and in good condition will save time and money.
Get your lawn ready for summer
A well-maintained lawn makes summer time even better. Find out how the experts mow and care for their lawns.
Setting up an irrigation system
Installing an irrigation system may be easier than you expect. This is how you must do it.
DIY garden projects for a great summer
You don’t need to break the bank to have your garden looking good this summer. How can this be done?
Gardening in spring
Get to know what to plant, what to prune, what to feed in Spring.
Braai rooms maintenance guidelines
Braai rooms can be maintained and upgraded with ease by following simple guidelines. What works and what doesn't?
How to attract birds to your garden
Birds are a big part of the environmental eco-system. Discover how to encourage birds to visit your garden.
Attract wildlife to your small garden
You can design your small garden to look good while helping the environment. How can this be done?
How to build vertical gardens
A healthy garden is an important aspect of a home. How can you build a vertical garden and why should you?