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Top tips for building your dream home
Keep these tips in mind when building a home from scratch.
Pitfalls of renting through non-registered agents
Why you should avoid renting through non-registered agents.
The POPI Act and privacy in community housing schemes
Learn more about how the POPI Act is applied in community housing schemes.
Proptech Start-Up Raises Rental Management Stakes
The number of South African renters is predicted to rise, which highlights the importance of proptech in rental management.
Although property is buoyant, the correct asking price remains vital
The importance of buying a home at its correct market value.
Are short-term rentals still a safe space?
The pros and cons of short-term rentals during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Budgeting for a single-income household
Tips for budgeting when you receive just one income.
Should you rent or buy when you retire?
What your housing options are when you retire.
The largest property expo in South Africa, The Virtual Property Show concluded on a high note
The Property Show went virtual this year as was an ultimate success.
Here's how many pets you may have without breaking the law
There are rules as to how many pets you can own at a given time. This is done to protect the welfare of animals and to prevent animal abuse.