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Post-Covid-19 changes in the property market
It seems likely that we are going to have to fundamentally change in order to adapt to new situations, conditions and environments in the future.
Virtual valuations
The details that sellers need to know about property valuations in a virtual setting.
Moving house during the lockdown
New regulations permit home owners and tenants to relocate between 7 May and 7 June 2020.
Residential property rental market opportunity for Airbnb properties
What happens next for Airbnb and the rental market after the Covid-19 lockdown.
Why container homes are becoming so popular
No matter what your living situation, you’re sure to have heard of container homes and their growing popularity as a housing option for many South Africans.
Solutions for homeowners in financial distress
The Covid-19 pandemic has left many people in financial distress, here are some options for homeowners who are struggling.
Post-lockdown rental market boom
The residential market will boom once the full Lockdown is lifted in terms of activity, but rental rates will come under tremendous pressure according to the Seeff Property Group.
What to do when someone enters your home during lockdown
Here are the precautions you should take before, during and after someone has entered your home during lockdown.
Planning to sell? Don’t exit the market now
If your home has already been listed for sale, now is not the time to take it off the market - and if you are thinking of selling for any reason, now’s the time to get it listed.
Millennials - it's your time to get a foot on the property ladder
The current financial crisis in which we find ourselves presents a unique opportunity for Millennials and first-time buyers who might now be able to find their dream home at an affordable price.

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