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How frequently to do home valuations
Real estate is one of the largest medium- to long-term investments many will make within their lifetime. As an appreciating asset, the value of one’s home will increase with every year that passes.
Important factors to consider when creating a dual living property
The demand for dual living is on the rise and many families and investors are looking to convert properties to meet the need.
Master the art of broken-plan design – 2021’s hottest trend
BROKEN PLAN LIVING: Transforming your open plan living area into a broken plan space allows you to retain the spacious airiness of open-plan living.
Popular home decor trends for 2021
As we continue to live and work from within the home, a shift is likely to occur within many household’s monthly budgets.
Marketing your home in the digital era
Now more than ever before, sellers will need to ensure that their listing stands out online if they want to secure a timeous sale.
Purchasing an investment property in the current market
Purchasing an investment property now means that investors will benefit from the historically low interest rates.
Overcoming First-time Homebuyer Jitters
It is not uncommon for first-time buyers to experience anxiety after signing the OTP and realizing that they have now locked themselves into millions of Rands in debt.
Predictable outcome as interest rates hold steady
Interest rates are key economic indicators. What are the current rates in South Africa?
Another triple-win for the Rawson Property Group at 2021 Global Brands Awards
Rawson Property Group has continued to cement its place as a leading property business.
Private Property Culture and Careers
We are an online property marketplace that presents property listings, news and advice to property shoppers, real estate professionals and other industry partners.