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Do you want?

  • To own a property on a Atlanta Golf Course which has been one of the best in the city for 45 years, with no levies

  • To own property which is priced from $13k for 3000 m2

  • To invest where there are at least 3 exit strategies

  • To follow Donald Trumps strategies of investment

We are launching the most affordable way to create global wealth and invest offshore. Don’t miss the Atlanta Property Launch!

(There are only limited opportunities and huge demand due to the location, price and uniqueness of the opportunity)

Wealth Migrate is proud to appoint IPS as their exclusive investment partner to bring you one of the most exciting launches in property this year!

It's not often you find a gem of an investment opportunity, but in this case, Wealth Migrate knocked it out the park. Established, developed stands (lots) from 2400 square meters in size are available on a Golf Course, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, from as little as $13 000, all expenses included. Yes, for just over R130 000, you can own a stand on a well established Golf Course in America.

Why would you consider this?

Just to put in the services (zoning, water, sewerage connection, electricity and tar roads) costs between $25 000 and $60 000, depending on the size of the land and the area the roads have to cover. These stands were selling for between $50 000 and $60 000 before the Global Financial Crisis, so the intrinsic value is locked in at these incredibly low prices and the price compared to replacement cost is between 20% to 25%! How were we able to get it so low for investors? By buying out the entire subdivision from the bank that foreclosed on the developer! This meant that Wealth Migrate got the bulk discount and can pass that on to you, the investor!

Benefits of buying one of these stands:

  • Hedge against the Rand devaluation with a sound property investment in the USA

  • Holding costs are low, under $400 per year and included in the price for the first two years!

  • No build out timeline pressure - you can build whenever you want

  • We have an approved builder partner for when you want to build.

  • Multiple exit strategies - buy and hold, buy and flip in a couple of years, buy and build for resale at a profit into the local market, buy and build for rental income with a yield of approximately 8% nett.

  • Low entry into a value-based investment in the USA

  • Fairway view stands are available!

  • Nature view stands are available!

  • Greens view stands are available!

  • Lake shore within 5 minutes walk from any of the stands

  • Houses recently sold within that neighbourhood range between $250 000 and $1,1 million.

  • Build out of a 240 square meter house will yield a minimum of 10% profit on resale or a 8% nett yield on rental

  • Quality rental management partners available to all investors

  • Intrinsic value in the stand due to buying at up to 75% below replacement cost (cost to buy raw land, subdivide, re-zone, lay services etc)

  • Current open market value according to the best local realtor in the area is between $35000 and $45000

  • Full planning permission and services in place and so no variables like some of the opportunities we have seen in the UK, where one sits, hopes and prays they get zoning and if not you own 300m2 of a small farm for twice the price and limited exit opportunities.

  • Along with this we will show you how to create a credit rating in USA so you can get access to finance at 6% fixed for 15 years and at a LTV of 80%. Considering you have net yields of 8% and above this is a no brainer for long term strategy to create global wealth.

This is an incredible opportunity to buy land at well below market value, hedge against the Rand and create a magnificent investment outside South Africa for a very low entry price. Come early! The best are going to sell fast (pre-launch to IPS Platinum Clients has already created a frenzy with 5 stands being booked in the last week alone) - with so much demand, we decided to hold back on all the stands still available until Launch Day. If you're in the Johannesburg area, I'd suggest you drive to Pretoria to be there on the first day to select the absolute best. All of them are 10/10 in size and location, but your subjective view could swing you towards the Fairway View, the Nature View or the Greens View!

You could also be the winner of tickets to watch the 2014 Masters in the USA when you buy at the launch! Take action now!

End the year on a high and put yourself in the perfect position for you and your family to really take advantage of opportunity in 2014!

See you there!


Scott Picken

Senior Managing Partner of Wealth Migrate

Founder and Chairmen of IPS

International Property Solutions

JHB Tel: +27 (0) 11 463 0588

Wealth Migrate Investments

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