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Scott Picken

Below read the synopsis from Scott Picken, IPS CEO, on the E-Book - USA Property Report and Offshore Property Investment and how to get it for FREE.

The most important component of investing successfully overseas is Information and Partners. The best case scenario is where you are dealing with a partner who regularly travels to the relevant overseas markets to make sure that they are up to date with the trends, opportunities, risks and general state of the investment market. Collectively this report cost over R260 000 to generate, but IPS sees it as an investment in our clients to turn the trend on the disgusting facts surrounding Offshore Investment.

Over 80% of South Africans who invest in overseas markets – property, shares, etc actually lose money. In fact in Australia there is a saying for South Africans and Zimbabweans who go there to try and invest. “What is the quickest way to become a millionaire in Australia? Arrive with $4 million!”

I have invested internationally since the age of 24 and in my role as IPS CEO, I have helped over 2,000 people invest in international property, to a value of over R1.6 billion, and endeavour in this market report to give the latest research on the USA Property market. I have recently returned from USA, visiting 8 cities in 11 days and meeting our strategic Best of Breed partners on the ground; I thoroughly reviewed everything about the market and the risks, including comparing it with various other investment opportunities in the UK and Australia. In this E-Book, we will examine:

  • Why it is important for South Africans and all nationalities to Wealth Migrate;

  • Why Warren Buffett believes USA houses are better than the stock market at the moment;

  • What the 2 major problems were in the market that caused the crash (wreck less lending and an oversupply of property);

  • The 3 reasons why we are excited about the opportunity in USA (great investment story, timing and our partners on the ground);

  • The 8 reasons why USA is a attractive investment destination;

  • Thorough analysis of the risks (Global currency, government debt, tenants and an increase in interest rates);

  • A review of the opportunities and comparison with South Africa and USA;

  • A review of the market as a whole;

  • Finance, Structures and Tax;

  • The USA property process;

  • A review of all the areas we investigated;

  • EB5 and residency;

  • Concerns and Challenges;

  • Synopsis of USA, the UK and Australia

  • Next Steps

The purpose of this report is to provide our investors with all the relevant information so that they can make educated and informed decisions and not be part of the 80% or more people who lose money. Ultimately IPS provides the Private Banking solution for Offshore Property and we provide a solution to the three major needs – Wealth Preservation, a Plan B and Peace of Mind.

Although with the opportunities in USA and our partners on the ground, there is the option to Create Global Wealth.

Although we will be selling the E-Book for R199, we have agreed with Private Property to allow the first 50 people who fill in a short survey to get it for FREE. Click here to get started and enjoy.

Enjoy everything we have to share and please “Invest with Confidence!

Scott Picken

IPS Founder and CEO

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