Have your say: Is SA’s real estate industry racist?

Have your say: Is SA’s real estate industry racist?

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Given the recent spate of racism and discrimination that surfaced in South Africa, the Estate Agency Affairs Board is conducting a survey to determine and assess the level of racism and discrimination within the sector.

The purpose of the survey is to assess the prevalence of racism and discriminatory practices within the real estate industry. The results of the survey will assist the EAAB to holistically determine the extent of racism and discrimination within the real estate value chain. To this end, appropriate steps and measures will be taken and implemented to promote constitutional imperatives as contained in the Constitution sections 25 and 26 of promoting the right to property and the right of access to adequate housing respectively.

To take the survey please click here.

The Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) is a national public entity responsible for regulating the property sector. Amongst others, the Act seeks to regulate the conduct of estate agents and agencies to protect property consumers and to ensure compliance to the Act and Code of Conduct.

It is in the interest of the EAAB and the property sector at large that an enabling environment is created free of racism and discrimination in the conducting of estate agency business and activities.

Private Property fully supports the efforts of the EAAB in ensuring the property industry is free from all forms of discrimination.

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