No money for gym fees? Get fit from home for free

No money for gym fees? Get fit from home for free

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The current economic situation combined with the ongoing threat of COVID-19 is making it more appealing to put aside the gym membership fees and invest it instead in the creation of an at-home exercise solution. Not only will this save homeowners money, but it can also increase the value of the home.

According to Adrian Goslett, Regional Director and CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa, a well-designed gym space could set a home apart – especially within the luxury market. “While well-designed gym spaces hold the potential to increase the home’s appeal thereby increasing a home’s value, poorly fitted workout rooms will achieve the opposite, drastically lowering the value of a home,” Goslett cautions.

However, for those without room in their budgets to build an at-home gym, RE/MAX of Southern Africa provides some tips for homeowners on how to get fit from home for free:

Download digital work-out routines

There is a large variety of free workout routines available online, from YouTube videos to mobile fitness apps and personal fitness blogs. Find a routine that suits your preferred exercise style. Those who are unable to stream from home can visit a local coffee shop, connect to their free Wi-Fi, and download a few exercise sets. Those without a large, open floorspace in which to exercise could always rearrange some furniture to create extra space – consider this a pre-and post-workout warm-up/down.

Incorporate exercise into daily routines

If rearranging the lounge to fit in a 20-minute exercise routine seems like too much trouble, then homeowners can get creative with their everyday routines. Apply the old cliché of “take the stairs and not the elevator” to a broader set of tasks to burn through some kilojoules. Do a set of squats while washing dishes, a set of crunches while watching television, jog on the spot during commercials – anything that gets the heart rate up and can be easily included in the daily household routines. Stroll through the suburb

Outdoor activities have a much lower risk of spreading COVID-19. Those who stay in safe suburbs can go for a jog or stroll around the neighbourhood. If there is a grocery shop nearby, choose to walk instead of drive. As a bonus, this will also lower fuel costs. Sometimes, though, all a person needs to start a new routine is some new scenery. “If you’re feeling unmotivated or unable to make healthy choices in your current home or suburb, then consider getting in touch with an estate agent and exploring what else is out there,” Goslett concludes.


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