Protect your home from damage this winter

Protect your home from damage this winter

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The winter season has arrived in full force this year. Homeowners should take caution to ensure their home is weather-tight to avoid any damages that could occur owing to the stormy weather conditions.

“Damages from extreme weather can not only be costly to fix, but they can also make life very unpleasant until the damages can be repaired. The repair work often takes longer to complete in stormy conditions. To avoid this, homeowners should do a bit of maintenance around their home to protect against the coming weather,” says Adrian Goslett, Regional Director and CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa.

The first place a homeowner needs to start is the home’s exterior. Ensure that the house is weathertight and see to all other general maintenance, including checking the chimney flute and outside drains for blockages, conduct a roof inspection to check for loose shingles, cover the pool to avoid debris from falling in and clogging the filtering system, and trim back on large trees or shrubs near to the home in case of strong winds.

Goslett also recommends checking your household insurance policy to find out if you are covered from damages that occur from extreme weather conditions, such as a tree blowing over and destroying your roof.

Lastly, Goslett suggests adding a few decorative touches to minimise the amount of water and dirt trudged through the living spaces upon leaving and returning home. “Investing in a quality doormat can protect your flooring against muddy stains. Add a coat rack near the entryway so that any wet items can be removed before walking through to the rest of the home. These small additions can help protect the investment value of your property and prevent the need to pay for costly repairs,” Goslett concludes.

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