Seminar: property investment is common sense

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Scott Picken

Property investment is a common-sense business, especially when you have the right information and the right team/partners.

With those two elements, it’s easy for you to generate results most other investors dream about. Results like 25% IRR, measured in USD, is easy with these two elements aligned. Growth in Rand terms of more than 41% per year for our investors happens more regularly than not.

The property itself is simply a vehicle you use to generate income and growth on your money and is only a portion of the investment. The investment in total is a system, comprising PEOPLE that make your money grow using the property as the vehicle. Who are these people? They’re your team/partners and without them, your investment simply won’t work. We are your people.

We’d like to take this opportunity to show you the quality of one of our top performing partner teams in the USA. There’s a reason we call our partners Best of Breed. Consistency is the key. Integrity is the lock. The door is the opportunity itself.

Atlanta has been providing incredible returns for ourselves and our investors, so we are going to be showcasing everything about Atlanta in our upcoming breakfasts.

Book here:

Cape Town – 24 February

Durban – 25 February

Pretoria – 26 February

Johannesburg - 27 February

From WHY we are investing heavily there to WHO we are partnering with there and how we vet them and what their performance has been like over the last two years and rounding off with WHAT opportunities are currently available in Atlanta, from R160 000 all the way up to R160-million.

It’s going to be spectacular.

We’re going to make some people very rich.

You’re invited.

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